Man pages for rmRNAseq
RNA-Seq Analysis for Repeated-Measures Data

covsetCovariate Set Associated with RFI RNA-seq
datRFI RNA-seq Data
DESeq2FitAnalysis of LPS RFI RNA-seq data Using DESeq2
designReparameterized Design Matrix
edgeRFitAnalysis of the RFI RNA-seq data Using edgeR
estimate.m0Estimate Number of True Null Hypotheses Using Histogram-based...
glsCAR1Fit General Linear Model with 'corCAR1' Correlation Structure...
glsCAR1_loglikCalculate REML Log-Likelihood of glsCAR1 model for each gene
glsSymmFit General Linear Model with 'corSymm' Correlation Structure...
jabes.qQ-value Using Histogram-based Method
my_splineDiffExprsDifferential expression analysis based on natural cubic...
myvoommyvoom function
NewTimeEstEstimate New Time Points
pauc_outEvaluation of Differential Expression Analysis Methods
resData Containing Results of Our Proposed Method Applying to...
resSymmData Containing results when analyzing RFI using TC_Symm
sc_CAR1Simulating Count Data From The Output of Real Data Analysis
sc_SymmSimulating Count Data From The Output of Real Data Analysis...
shrink.phiShrinkaged Estimates of Error Variance
TC_CAR1RNA-seq Analysis for Repeated-measures Data
TC_CAR1_scA Wrap Function to analyze a Simulated Data - All Cases
teststatCalculating F-Type Statistics To Test a General Linear...
TimeMinIdentify Time Points Mapping to 0 and 1
varbetaRecovering a Symmetric Matrix from Its Lower Triangular...
voomgls_CAR1General Linear Model Using Voom Output
voomgls_SymmGeneral Linear Model Using Voom Output corSymm correlction...
voomlimmaFitAnalysis of RFI RNA-seq data Using voom
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