Man pages for rmetasim
An Individual-Based Population Genetic Simulation Environment

is.landscapeTest whether an object is a (fairly) legitimate landscape
landscape.allelecountCalculate allele numbers (frequency in the statistical sense)...
landscape.allelefreqCalculate allele frequencies at each locus in each population
landscape.amovacalcuates phi-st for every locus in the landscape
landscape.amova.locususes functions in ade4 to calcuate phi-st for a particular...
landscape.amova.pairwisecalculates pairwise phi-ST for a landscape
landscape.cleanFunction to resolve inconsistencies within a landscape
landscape.coalinputAdd loci and individuals based upon output from SimCoal 2.0
landscape.compressFunction to resolve inconsistencies within a landscape,...
landscape.democolreturn largest demographic column from a landscape
landscape.demographyCalculate demographic parameters
landscape.exp.hetCalculate expected heterozygosity
landscape.freq.locnamesReturn a vector of locus IDs concatenated to Allele ids
landscape.FstCalculates population structure statistic for the entire...
landscape.ind.freqReturn a matrix containing genotypes in 'frequency per...
landscape.locusreturn a matrix containing genotypes for a particular locus a matrix containing actual allelic states and their...
landscape.locusvecreturn a vector with the locus ids for each column in the...
landscape.make.genindConverts genetic marker data in a landscape into a the genind...
landscape.make.genpopConverts genetic marker data in a landscape into a the genpop...
landscape.mig.matrixCreates a Migration Matrix for All Life Stages
landscape.mismatchdistCalculate a mismatch distribution for a locus in a landscape
landscape.modify.epochModifies one of the landscape's epochs a Skeletal Landscape an Epoch a Default Landscape a set of floating point parameters a landscape with individuals a set of integer parameters a Local Demography a locus a set of boolean parameters
landscape.obs.hetCalculate observed heterozygosity
landscape.ploidyreturn a vector with the ploidy of each locus
landscape.populationsreturn a vector of population IDs from a landscape
landscape.samplesimulates sampling for genetics on the landscape
landscape.setallelefreqSet Allele frequencies in (a) specific stage(s)
landscape.setpopfreqSet Allele frequencies in (a) specific population(s)
landscape.simulateRun a simulation for a single landscape through time
landscape.statesreturn a matrix containing actual genotypes for a particular...
landscape.theta.hCalculate theta using heterozygosity
landscape.theta.kCalculate theta using the number of alleles
landscape.theta.sCalculate theta using segregating sites
landscape.write.foreignSave a landscape to a file in a foreign format
SimulationComponentsCode components to simulate a landscape
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