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efsa nutrition consumption


Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database


A data frame with 87 observations on the following 22 variables.

  • Country country name

  • Pop.Class population class

  • grains Grains and grain-based products

  • vegetables Vegetables and vegetable products (including fungi)

  • roots Starchy roots and tubers

  • nuts Legumes, nuts and oilseeds

  • fruit Fruit and fruit products

  • meat Meat and meat products (including edible offal)

  • fish Fish and other seafood (including amphibians, rept)

  • milk Milk and dairy products

  • eggs Eggs and egg products

  • sugar Sugar and confectionary

  • fat Animal and vegetable fats and oils

  • juices Fruit and vegetable juice

  • nonalcoholic Non-alcoholic beverages (excepting milk based beverages)

  • alcoholic Alcoholic beverages

  • water Drinking water (water without any additives)

  • herbs Herbs, spices and condiments

  • small_children_food Food for infants and small children

  • special Products for special nutritional use

  • composite Composite food (including frozen products)

  • snacks Snacks, desserts, and other foods


The Comprehensive Food Consumption Database is a source of information on food consumption across the European Union (EU). The food consumption are reported in grams per day (g/day).





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