Man pages for robCompositions
Compositional Data Analysis

addLRAdditive logratio coordinates
addLRinvInverse additive logratio mapping
aDistAitchison distance
adjustAdjusting for original scale
adtestAnderson-Darling Normality Tests
adtestWrapperWrapper for Anderson-Darling tests
ageCatWorldchild, middle and eldery population
alcoholalcohol consumptions by country and type of alcohol
alcoholregregional alcohol per capita (15+) consumption by WHO region
arcticLakearctic lake sediment data
balancesBalance calculation
biplot.factanalBiplot method
biplot.pcaCoDaBiplot method
bootnCompBootstrap to find optimal number of components
bpcBackwards pivot coordinates and their inverse
bpcPcaPrincipal component analysis based on backwards pivot...
bpcPcaTabPrincipal component analysis of compositional tables based on...
bpcRegClassical and robust regression based on backwards pivot...
bpcRegTabClassical and robust regression based on backwards pivot...
bpcTabBackwards pivot coordinates and their inverse
bpcTabWrapperBackwards pivot coordinates and their inverse
cancerhospital discharges on cancer and distribution of age
cancerMNmalignant neoplasms cancer
cedCompositional error deviation
cenLRCentred logratio coefficients
cenLRinvInverse centred logratio mapping
chorizonDLC-horizon of the Kola data with rounded zeros
clustCoDaCluster analysis for compositional data
clustCoDa_qmodeQ-mode cluster analysis for compositional parts
coffeecoffee data set
compareMahalCompares Mahalanobis distances from two approaches
compositionalSplineCompositional spline
constSumConstant sum
coordCoordinate representation of compositional tables
corCoDaCorrelations for compositional data
cubeCoordCoordinate representation of a compositional cube and of a...
daCoDaLinear and quadratic discriminant analysis for compositional...
daFisherDiscriminant analysis by Fisher Rule.
economyeconomic indicators
educFMeducation level of father (F) and mother (M)
efsaefsa nutrition consumption
electionelection data
electionATbpAustrian presidential election data
employmentemployment in different countries by gender and status.
employment2Employment in different countries by Sex, Age, Contract,...
employment_dfEmployment in different countries by gender and status.
expendituressynthetic household expenditures toy data set
expendituresEUmean consumption expenditures data.
fcenLRfcenLR transformation (functional)
fcenLRinvInverse of fcenLR transformations (functional)
fcenLRpfcenLRp transformation (functional)
fcenLRufcenLRu transformation (functional)
foodbalancecountry food balances
GDPsatisGDP satisfaction
gemasGEMAS geochemical data set
gmeanGeometric mean
govexpgovernment spending
haplogroupshaplogroups data.
honeyhoney compositions
ilr.2x2ilr coordinates in 2x2 compositional tables
impAllReplacement of rounded zeros and missing values.
impCodaImputation of missing values in compositional data
impKNNaImputation of missing values in compositional data using knn...
impRZalralr EM-based imputation of rounded zeros
impRZilrEM-based replacement of rounded zeros in compositional data
imputeBDLsEM-based replacement of rounded zeros in compositional data
imputeUDLsImputation of values above an upper detection limit in...
ind2x2Independence 2x2 compositional table
indTabIndependence table
instwvalue added, output and input for different ISIC codes and...
int2x2Interaction 2x2 table
intArrayInteraction array
intTabInteraction table
is.equivalentequivalence class
isic32ISIC codes by name
laborForcelabour force by status in employment
landcoverEuropean land cover
lifeExpGdplife expectancy and GDP (2008) for EU-countries
lmCoDaXClassical and robust regression of non-compositional (real)...
machineOperatorsmachine operators
manu_absDistribution of manufacturing output
mcadmetabolomics mcad data set
missPatternsmissing or zero pattern structure.
mortalitymortality and life expectancy in the EU
mortality_tabmortality table
norm1Normalize a vector to length 1
nutrientsnutrient contents
nutrients_brandednutrient contents (branded)
orthbasisOrthonormal basis
outCoDaOutlier detection for compositional data
paymentsspecial payments
pcaCoDaRobust principal component analysis for compositional data
perturbationPerturbation and powering
pfaFactor analysis for compositional data
phdPhD students in the EU
phd_totalsPhD students in the EU (totals)
pivotCoordPivot coordinates and their inverse
plot.impPlot method for objects of class imp
plot.pcaCoDaPlot method
plot.smoothSplplot smoothSpl
precipitation24-hour precipitation
print.impPrint method for objects of class imp
productionproduction splitted by nationality on enterprise level
pTabPropability table
rcodescodes for UNIDO tables
rdcmrelative difference between covariance matrices
robCompositions-packageRobust Estimation for Compositional Data.
rSDevRelative simplicial deviance
rSDev.testRelative simplicial deviance tests
saffronsaffron compositions
SDevSimplicial deviance
skyeLavasaphyric skye lavas data
smoothSplinesEstimate density from histogram
smoothSplinesValEstimate density from histogram - for different 'alpha'
socExpsocial expenditures
statsClassical estimates for tables
summary.impSummary method for objects of class imp
tabCoordCoordinate representation of compositional tables and a...
teachingStuffteaching stuff
ternaryDiagTernary diagram
ternaryDiagAblineAdds a line to a ternary diagram.
ternaryDiagEllipseAdds tolerance ellipses to a ternary diagram.
ternaryDiagPointsAdd points or lines to a given ternary diagram.
trapzcTrapezoidal formula for numerical integration
trondelagCregional geochemical survey of soil C in Norway
trondelagOregional geochemical survey of soil O in Norway
unemployedunemployed of young people
variationRobust and classical variation matrix
weightedPivotCoordWeighted pivot coordinates
ZBsplineBasisZB-spline basis
zeroOutDetection of outliers of zero-inflated data
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