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Teaching stuff in selected countries


A (tidy) data frame with 1216 observations on the following 4 variables.


Teaching staff include professional personnel directly involved in teaching students, including classroom teachers, special education teachers and other teachers who work with students as a whole class, in small groups, or in one-to-one teaching. Teaching staff also include department chairs of whose duties include some teaching, but it does not include non-professional personnel who support teachers in providing instruction to students, such as teachers' aides and other paraprofessional personnel. Academic staff include personnel whose primary assignment is instruction, research or public service, holding an academic rank with such titles as professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, lecturer, or the equivalent of any of these academic ranks. The category includes personnel with other titles (e.g. dean, director, associate dean, assistant dean, chair or head of department), if their principal activity is instruction or research.


translated from https://data.oecd.org/ and restructured by Matthias Templ


OECD: https://data.oecd.org/


OECD (2017), Teaching staff (indicator). doi: 10.1787/6a32426b-en (Accessed on 27 March 2017)



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