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Gjovik geochemical data set


A data frame with 615 observations and 63 variables.


Geochemical data set. 41 sample sites have been investigated. At each site, 15 different sample materials have been collected and analyzed for the concentration of more than 40 chemical elements. Soil: CHO - C horizon, OHO - O horizon. Mushroom: LAC - milkcap. Plant: BIL - birch leaves, BLE - blueberry leaves, BLU - blueberry twigs, BTW - birch twigs, CLE - cowberry leaves, COW - cowberry twigs, EQU - horsetail, FER - fern, HYL - terrestrial moss, PIB - pine bark, SNE - spruce needles, SPR - spruce twigs.


Peter Filzmoser, Dominika Miksova


C. Reimann, P. Englmaier, B. Flem, O.A. Eggen, T.E. Finne, M. Andersson & P. Filzmoser (2018). The response of 12 different plant materials and one mushroom to Mo and Pb mineralization along a 100-km transect in southern central Norway. Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis, 18(3), 204-215.



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