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GEMAS geochemical data set


Geochemical data set on agricultural and grazing land soil




A data frame with 2108 observations and 30 variables


  • COUNTRY country name

  • longitude longitude in WGS84

  • latitude latitude in WGS84

  • Xcoord UTM zone east

  • Ycoord UTM zone north

  • MeanTempAnnual mean temperature

  • AnnPrec Annual mean precipitation

  • soilclass soil class

  • sand sand

  • silt silt

  • clay clay

  • Al Concentration of aluminum (in mg/kg)

  • Ba Concentration of barium (in mg/kg)

  • Ca Concentration of calzium (in mg/kg)\

  • Cr Concentration of chromium (in mg/kg)

  • Fe Concentration of iron (in mg/kg)

  • K Concentration of pottasium (in mg/kg)

  • Mg Concentration of magnesium (in mg/kg)

  • Mn Concentration of manganese (in mg/kg)

  • Na Concentration of sodium (in mg/kg)

  • Nb Concentration of niobium (in mg/kg)

  • Ni Concentration of nickel (in mg/kg)

  • P Concentration of phosphorus (in mg/kg)

  • Si Concentration of silicium (in mg/kg)

  • Sr Concentration of strontium (in mg/kg)

  • Ti Concentration of titanium (in mg/kg)

  • V Concentration of vanadium (in mg/kg)\

  • Y Concentration of yttrium (in mg/kg)

  • Zn Concentration of zinc (in mg/kg)

  • Zr Concentration of zirconium (in mg/kg)

  • LOI Loss on ignition (in wt-percent)

The sampling, at a density of 1 site/2500 sq. km, was completed at the beginning of 2009 by collecting 2211 samples of agricultural soil (Ap-horizon, 0-20 cm, regularly ploughed fields), and 2118 samples from land under permanent grass cover (grazing land soil, 0-10 cm), according to an agreed field protocol. All GEMAS project samples were shipped to Slovakia for sample preparation, where they were air dried, sieved to <2 mm using a nylon screen, homogenised and split to subsamples for analysis. They were analysed for a large number of chemical elements. In this sample, the main elements by X-ray fluorescence are included as well as the composition on sand, silt, clay.


GEMAS is a cooperation project between the EuroGeoSurveys Geochemistry Expert Group and Eurometaux. Integration in R, Peter Filzmoser and Matthias Templ.


Reimann, C., Birke, M., Demetriades, A., Filzmoser, P. and O'Connor, P. (Editors), 2014. Chemistry of Europe's agricultural soils - Part A: Methodology and interpretation of the GEMAS data set. Geologisches Jahrbuch (Reihe B 102), Schweizerbarth, Hannover, 528 pp. + DVD Reimann, C., Birke, M., Demetriades, A., Filzmoser, P. & O'Connor, P. (Editors), 2014. Chemistry of Europe's agricultural soils - Part B: General background information and further analysis of the GEMAS data set. Geologisches Jahrbuch (Reihe B 103), Schweizerbarth, Hannover, 352 pp.


## sample sites
## Not run: 
map <- get_map("europe", source = "stamen", maptype = "watercolor", zoom=4)
ggmap(map) + geom_point(aes(x=longitude, y=latitude), data=gemas)
map <- get_map("europe", zoom=4)
ggmap(map) + geom_point(aes(x=longitude, y=latitude), data=gemas, size=0.8)

## End(Not run)

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