Man pages for rpart
Recursive Partitioning and Regression Trees

car90Automobile Data from 'Consumer Reports' 1990
car.test.frameAutomobile Data from 'Consumer Reports' 1990
cu.summaryAutomobile Data from 'Consumer Reports' 1990
kyphosisData on Children who have had Corrective Spinal Surgery
labels.rpartCreate Split Labels For an Rpart Object
meanvar.rpartMean-Variance Plot for an Rpart Object
na.rpartHandles Missing Values in an Rpart Object
path.rpartFollow Paths to Selected Nodes of an Rpart Object
plotcpPlot a Complexity Parameter Table for an Rpart Fit
plot.rpartPlot an Rpart Object
post.rpartPostScript Presentation Plot of an Rpart Object
predict.rpartPredictions from a Fitted Rpart Object
printcpDisplays CP table for Fitted Rpart Object
print.rpartPrint an Rpart Object
prune.rpartCost-complexity Pruning of an Rpart Object
residuals.rpartResiduals From a Fitted Rpart Object
rpartRecursive Partitioning and Regression Trees
rpart.controlControl for Rpart Fits
rpart.expInitialization function for exponential fitting
rpart-internalInternal Functions
rpart.objectRecursive Partitioning and Regression Trees Object
rsq.rpartPlots the Approximate R-Square for the Different Splits
snip.rpartSnip Subtrees of an Rpart Object
solder.balanceSoldering of Components on Printed-Circuit Boards
stagecStage C Prostate Cancer
summary.rpartSummarize a Fitted Rpart Object
text.rpartPlace Text on a Dendrogram Plot
xpred.rpartReturn Cross-Validated Predictions
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