Man pages for rsyncrosim
The R Interface to 'SyncroSim'

addBreakpointAdd a Scenario breakpoint.
addModuleAdd module
addonaddon(s) of an SsimLibrary or Session
addPackageAdds a package to SyncroSim
addPackageFileAdds a package to SyncroSim
addRowAdd row(s) to a dataframe.
autogentagsAuto Generation Tags for a Scenario.
autogentags-setAuto Generation Tags for a Scenario.
backupBackup a SsimLibrary.
basePackageInstalled base packages
breakpointLists the breakpoints for a Scenario.
commandSyncroSim console command
datasheetGet a datasheet
datasheetRasterGet spatial inputs or outputs from a Scenario(s).
dateModifiedThe last date a SsimLibrary/Project/Scenario was modified.
deleteDelete library, project, scenario, datasheet
deleteBreakpointDelete a Scenario breakpoint.
deleteModuleDelete module or modules
deletePackageDeletes a package
dependencySet or remove Scenario dependency(s), or get existing...
descriptionDescription of an SsimLibrary/Project/Scenario.
description-setSet the description of an SsimLibrary/Project/Scenario.
disableAddonDisable addon or addons.
enableAddonEnable addon or addons.
filepathThe path to a SyncroSim object on disk
ignoreDependenciesIgnore Dependencies for a Scenario.
ignoreDependencies-setIgnore Dependencies Datafeeds for a Scenario.
infoInformation about an library
mergeDependenciesMerge Dependencies for a Scenario.
mergeDependencies-setMerge Dependencies for a Scenario.
modelInstalled models
moduleInstalled modules
nameThe name of a SyncroSim library, project or scenario.
name-setSet ssimObject name.
ownerThe owner of a SsimLibrary/Project/Scenario.
owner-setSet the owner of an SsimLibrary/Project/Scenario.
packageInstalled or available packages
parentIdThe parent scenario id of a SyncroSim Scenario.
printCmdGet printCmd of a Session.
projectCreate or open a project or projects.
Project-classSyncroSim Project class
projectIdThe projectId of a SyncroSim project or scenario.
readOnlyRead-only status of a SsimLibrary/Project/Scenario.
readOnly-setSet the read/write status of a SsimLibrary/Project/Scenario.
rsyncrosimrsyncrosim: The R interface to SyncroSim:...
runRun scenarios
runLogThe run log of a result Scenario
saveDatasheetSave datasheet(s)
scenarioCreate or open one or more Scenarios.
Scenario-classSyncroSim Scenario class
scenarioIdThe scenarioId of a scenario.
sessionCreates or returns a SyncroSim session.
Session-classSyncroSim Session class
session-setSet a SyncroSim session.
silentCheck if a Session is silent
silent-setSet silent property of a Session
sqlStatementConstruct an SQLite query
ssimEnvironmentSyncroSim Environment
ssimEnvironment-inputSyncroSim DataSheet Input Folder
ssimEnvironment-outputSyncroSim DataSheet Output Folder
ssimEnvironment-progressReports progress for a SyncroSim simulation
ssimEnvironment-tempSyncroSim Temporary Folder
ssimLibraryCreate or open a library
SsimLibrary-classSyncroSim Library class
ssimUpdateApply updates
tempfilepathThe temporary file path to a SyncroSim object on disk
updatePackageUpdate Package
versionThe SyncroSim version
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