Man pages for rsyncrosim
The R Interface to 'SyncroSim'

addBreakpointAdd a Scenario breakpoint
addModuleAdd module
addonAddon(s) installed in SsimLibrary or Session
addPackageAdds package to SyncroSim Installation
addPackageFileAdds a package to SyncroSim
addRowAdd row(s) to a data.frame
autogentagsAuto Generation Tags for a Scenario
backupBackup a SsimLibrary
basePackageInstalled base packages
breakpointBreakpoints for a Scenario
commandSyncroSim console command
condaFilepathPath to Conda installation folder
datasheetRetrieve a SyncroSim Datasheet
datasheetRasterRetrieve spatial data from a SyncroSim Datasheet
datasheetSpatRasterRetrieve spatial data from a SyncroSim Datasheet
dateModifiedLast date a SsimLibrary, Project or Scenario was modified
deleteDelete SsimLibrary, Project, Scenario, Datasheet
deleteBreakpointDelete a Scenario breakpoint
deleteModuleDelete module or modules
deletePackageDeletes a package from your SyncroSim installation
dependencyGet, set or remove Scenario dependency(s)
descriptionDescription of SsimLibrary, Project or Scenario
disableAddonDisable addon package(s)
enableAddonEnable addon package(s)
envBeginSimulationBegins a SyncroSim simulation
envEndSimulationEnds a SyncroSim simulation
envInputFolderSyncroSim DataSheet Input Folder
envOutputFolderSyncroSim DataSheet Output Folder
envReportProgressReports SyncroSim simulation progress
envStepSimulationSteps a SyncroSim simulation
envTempFolderSyncroSim Temporary Folder
filepathRetrieves the path to a SyncroSim object on disk
folderCreate or open a Folder
Folder-classSyncroSim Folder class
folderIdRetrieves folderId of SyncroSim Folder or Scenario
ignoreDependenciesIgnore dependencies for a Scenario
infoRetrieves information about a library
installCondaInstalls Miniconda
mergeDependenciesMerge dependencies for a Scenario
modelInstalled models
moduleInstalled modules
nameName of a SsimLibrary, Project, Scenario, or Folder
ownerOwner of a SsimLibrary, Project, Scenario, or Folder
packageInstalled or available packages
parentIdRetrieves the parent Scenario id or parent Folder id
printCmdRetrieves printCmd setting of a Session
progressBarSets the progress bar in the SyncroSim User Interface
projectCreate or open Project(s)
Project-classSyncroSim Project class
projectIdRetrieves projectId of SyncroSim Project, Scenario, or Folder
readOnlyRead-only status of a SsimLibrary, Project, Scenario or...
removePackageRemoves package from SyncroSim installation
rsyncrosimrsyncrosim: The R interface to SyncroSim:...
runRun scenarios
runLogRetrieves run log of result Scenario
runtimeInputFolderSyncroSim DataSheet Input Folder
runtimeOutputFolderSyncroSim DataSheet Output Folder
runtimeTempFolderSyncroSim Temporary Folder
saveDatasheetSave Datasheet(s)
scenarioCreate or open Scenario(s)
Scenario-classSyncroSim Scenario class
scenarioIdRetrieves scenarioId of Scenario
sessionCreate or return SyncroSim Session
Session-classSyncroSim Session class
silentSilent status of SyncroSim Session
sqlStatementConstruct an SQLite query
ssimEnvironmentSyncroSim Environment
ssimLibraryCreate or open a SsimLibrary
SsimLibrary-classSyncroSim Library class
ssimUpdateApply updates
tempfilepathRetrieves the temporary file path to a SyncroSim object on...
updatePackageUpdate Package
updateRunLogFunction to write to the SyncroSim run log
useCondaConda configuration of a SsimLibrary
versionRetrieves SyncroSim version
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