addRow: Add row(s) to a data.frame

addRowR Documentation

Add row(s) to a data.frame


This function is mostly used internally to add rows to data.frames associated with SyncroSim Datasheets retrieved from the command line.


addRow(targetDataframe, value)

## S4 method for signature 'data.frame'
addRow(targetDataframe, value)





data.frame, character string, vector, or list. Columns or elements in value should be a subset of columns in targetDataframe


Preserves the types and factor levels of the targetDataframe. Fills missing values if possible using factor levels. If value is a named vector or list, it will be converted to a single row data.frame. If value is an unnamed vector or list, the number of elements should equal the number of columns in the targetDataframe; elements are assumed to be in same order as data.frame columns.


A dataframe with new rows.


# Create an example data.frame
oldDataframe <-

# Add a single row to the example data.frame
newDataframe <- addRow(oldDataframe, list(mpg = 100, wt = 10))

# Create an example data.frame with more than one row of data
multipleRows <- data.frame(mpg = c(40, 50, 75), wt = c(4, 7, 6))

# Add the old example data.frame to the new example data.frame
newDataframe <- addRow(oldDataframe, multipleRows)

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