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Create or open Project(s)


Creates or retrieves a Project or multiple Projects from a SsimLibrary.


  ssimObject = NULL,
  project = NULL,
  sourceProject = NULL,
  summary = NULL,
  forceElements = FALSE,
  overwrite = FALSE



Scenario or SsimLibrary object, or a character string (i.e. a filepath)


Project object, character, integer, or vector of these. Names or ids of one or more Projects. Note that integer ids are slightly faster (optional)


Project object, character, or integer. If not NULL (default), new Projects will be copies of the sourceProject


logical. If TRUE then return the Project(s) in a data.frame with the projectId, name, description, owner, dateModified, readOnly. Default is TRUE if project=NULL and SsimObject is not Scenario/Project, FALSE otherwise


logical. If TRUE then returns a single Project as a named list; otherwise returns a single project as a Project object. Applies only when summary=FALSE Default is FALSE


logical. If TRUE an existing Project will be overwritten. Default is FALSE


For each element of project:

  • If element identifies an existing Project: Returns the existing Project.

  • If element identifies more than one Project: Error.

  • If element does not identify an existing Project: Creates a new Project named element. Note that SyncroSim automatically assigns an id to a new Project.


Returns a Project object representing a SyncroSim Project. If summary is TRUE, returns a data.frame of Project names and descriptions.


## Not run: 
# Set the file path and name of the new SsimLibrary
myLibraryName <- file.path(tempdir(),"testlib_project")

# Set the SyncroSim Session, SsimLibrary, and Project
mySession <- session()
myLibrary <- ssimLibrary(name = myLibraryName, session = mySession) 
myProject <- project(ssimObject = myLibrary, project = "My project name")
myproject2 <- project(ssimObject = myLibrary, project = "My new project name")

# Get a named list of existing Projects
# Each element in the list is named by a character version of the Project ID
myProjects <- project(myLibrary, summary = FALSE)

# Get an existing Project.
myProject <- myProjects[[1]]
myProject <- project(myLibrary, project = "My new project name")

# Get/set the Project properties
name(myProject) <- "New project name"

# Create a new Project from a copy of an existing Project
myNewProject <- project(myLibrary, project = "My copied project",
                        sourceProject = 1)

# Overwrite an existing Project
myNewProject <- project(myLibrary, project = "My copied project",
                        overwrite = TRUE)

## End(Not run)

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