Man pages for rt
Interface to the 'Request Tracker' API

check_loginCheck that the login request was successful or not
compactCompact list.
construct_newline_pairsConstruct a string for params suitable for passing into an RT...
parse_rt_propertiesParse typical RT properties as contained in an RT response...
parse_ticket_create_bodyParse an RT ticket create response body and return the ticket...
parse_user_create_bodyParse the response body from a call to 'rt_user_create'
print.rt_apiPrint an 'rt_api' object
rtThe 'rt' package
rt_do_loginActually do the logging in part of logging in
rt_GETGet an RT response
rt_loginLog in to RT
rt_login_interactiveLog in to RT interactively
rt_logoutLog out of RT
rt_parse_responseParse an RT response in its parts as a list
rt_POSTPOST an RT request
rt_queue_propertiesGet the properties of a queue
rt_ticket_attachmentGet a ticket's attachment
rt_ticket_attachment_contentGet the content of an attachment
rt_ticket_attachmentsGet a ticket's attachments
rt_ticket_createCreate a ticket
rt_ticket_editEdit a ticket
rt_ticket_historyGet a ticket's history
rt_ticket_history_commentComment on a ticket
rt_ticket_history_entryGets the history information for a single history item
rt_ticket_history_replyReply to a ticket
rt_ticket_linksGet a ticket's links
rt_ticket_links_editEdit the links on a ticket
rt_ticket_mergeMerge two tickets
rt_ticket_propertiesGet a ticket's properties
rt_ticket_searchSearch for tickets
rt_urlGenerate an RT API URL
rt_user_agentGet the user agent for the package.
rt_user_createCreate a user
rt_user_editEdit a user
rt_user_propertiesGet a user's properties
rt_version_stringGet the version of the currently installed version of this...
stopforstatusThrow an error if the RT status code is an error status
try_tibbleTry to make a tibble
warn_user_edit_warningsWarn if a user edit response body contains warnings
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