rt: The 'rt' package

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rt provides a programming interface to the Request Tracker API.


Everything should be implemented and all functions should return a reasonably useful result that's suitable for integrating into your workflows.


Before you can do anything useful with this package, you'll need to do three things:

  1. Determine your base URL and set it using Sys.setenv(RT_BASE_URL="your url here). In most cases, this will be the same as the URL of the page you use to log in to RT.

  2. Determine and set your credentials. You can skip setting them if you like and skip to step 3 or you can set them using the RT_USER and RT_PASSWORD environmental variables via Sys.setenv. See rt_login for more.

  3. Log in using R by calling rt_login. See rt_login for more.

A typical flow for setting up your R session to work with RT might look like this:

Sys.setenv(RT_BASE_URL = "http://example.com/rt",
           RT_USER = "me@example.com",
           RT_PASSWORD = "mypassword")

If you use RT a lot, you might consider putting code like the above in your .Renviron, minus the call to rt_login() so the environmental variables are available but you aren't logging into RT every time you start R. See ?Startup for more information.

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