Sensitivity Analysis


Methods and functions for global sensitivity analysis.


The sensitivity package implements some global sensitivity analysis methods:

Model managing

The sensitivity package has been designed to work either models written in R than external models such as heavy computational codes. This is achieved with the input argument model present in all functions of this package.

The argument model is expected to be either a funtion or a predictor (i.e. an object with a predict function such as lm).

X is the design of experiments, i.e. a data.frame with p columns (the input factors) and n lines (each, an experiment), and y is the vector of length n of the model responses.

The model in invoked once for the whole design of experiment.

The argument model can be left to NULL. This is refered to as the decoupled approach and used with external computational codes that rarely run on the statistician's computer. See decoupling.


Gilles Pujol, Bertrand Iooss, Alexandre Janon with contributions from Paul Lemaitre for the PLI function, Laurent Gilquin for the sobolroalhs, sobolroauc and sobolSalt functions, Loic le Gratiet for the sobolGP function, Khalid Boumhaout, Taieb Touati and Bernardo Ramos for the sobolowen and soboltouati functions, Jana Fruth for the PoincareConstant, support, sobolTIIlo and sobolTIIpf functions, Sebastien Da veiga for the sensiFdiv and sensiHSIC functions, Joseph Guillaume for the delsa and parameterSets functions, Olivier Roustant for the PoincareOptimal function, Frank Weber, Thibault Delage and Roelof Oomen.

(maintainer: Bertrand Iooss


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