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Add overlapping vectors


Adds two partly overlapping vectors, such as two waveforms, to produce a longer vector. The location at which vector 2 is pasted is defined by insertionPoint. Algorithm: both vectors are padded with zeros to match in length and then added. All NA's are converted to 0.


addVectors(v1, v2, insertionPoint = 1, normalize = TRUE)


v1, v2

numeric vectors


the index of element in vector 1 at which vector 2 will be inserted (any integer, can also be negative)


if TRUE, the output is normalized to range from -1 to +1

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v1 = 1:6
v2 = rep(100, 3)
addVectors(v1, v2, insertionPoint = 5, normalize = FALSE)
addVectors(v1, v2, insertionPoint = -4, normalize = FALSE)
# note the asymmetry: insertionPoint refers to the first arg
addVectors(v2, v1, insertionPoint = -4, normalize = FALSE)

v3 = rep(100, 15)
addVectors(v1, v3, insertionPoint = -4, normalize = FALSE)
addVectors(v2, v3, insertionPoint = 7, normalize = FALSE)

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