Man pages for soundgen
Parametric Voice Synthesis

addFormantsAdd formants
addVectorsAdd overlapping vectors
analyzeAnalyze sound
analyzeFolderAnalyze folder
analyzeFrameAnalyze fft frame
beatGenerate beat
clumperClump a sequence into large segments
compareSoundsCompare sounds (experimental)
convert_sec_to_hmsPrint time
convertStringToFormantsPrepare a list of formants
costJumpsCost of jumps
costPerPathCost per path
crossFadeJoin two waveforms by cross-fading
defaultsShiny app defaults
divideIntoSyllablesSyllable structure of a bout
downsampleSimple downsampling
drawContourDraw contour
estimateVTLEstimate vocal tract length
evaluateParsEvaluate parameters for optimization
findBurstsFind bursts
findGradFind gradient
findSyllablesFind syllables
findVoicedSegmentsFind voiced segments
findZeroCrossingFind zero crossing
flatEnvFlat envelope
forcePerPathForce per path
ftwindow_modifFourier transform windows (seewave)
gaussian.wGaussian window
generateEpochGenerate an epoch
generateGCGenerate glottal cycles
generateHarmonicsGenerate harmonics
generateNoiseGenerate noise
generatePathGenerate path
getBandwidthGet bandwidth
getCheckerboardKernelCheckerboard kernel
getDiscreteContourDiscrete smooth contour from anchors
getDomGet lowest dominant frequency band
getEnvGet amplitude envelope
getFormantDispersionGet formant dispersion
getFrameBankFrame bank
getGlottalCyclesDivide f0 contour into glottal cycles
getIntegerRandomWalkDiscrete random walk
getLoudnessGet loudness
getLoudnessPerFrameGet loudness per frame
getMelSpecMel-transformed spectrum
getNoveltySSM novelty
getPitchAutocorAutocorrelation pitch tracker
getPitchCepCepstral pitch tracker
getPitchSpecBaNa pitch tracker
getRandomWalkRandom walk
getRolloffControl rolloff of harmonics
getSigmoidGet sigmoid filter
getSmoothContourSmooth contour from anchors
getSpectralEnvelopeSpectral envelope
getVocalFry_per_epochConstant subharmonics regime
htmlPlotsHTML for clickable plots
HzToSemitonesConvert Hz to semitones
interpolMatrixInterpolate matrix
isCentral.localMaxSimple peak detection
killDCKill DC
listDepthList depth
matchColumnsMatch number of columns
matchLengthsResize vector to required length
matchParsMatch soundgen pars (experimental)
medianSmootherMedian smoothing
mergeSyllablesMerge syllables
ModeModified mode
morphMorph sounds
morphDFMorph dataframes
morphFormantsMorph formants
morphListMorph lists
notesDictConversion table from Hz to musical notation
optimizeParsOptimize parameters for acoustic analysis
osc_dBOscillogram dB
pathfinding_fastPath through pitch candidates: fast
pathfinding_slowPath through pitch candidates: slow
permittedValuesDefaults and ranges
phon2soneConvert phon to sone
pitchManualManual pitch estimation in 260 sounds
playmePlay audio
reformatAnchorsReformat anchors
reformatFormantsReformat formants
reportCIReport CI
reportTimeReport time
rnorm_boundedRandom draw from a truncated normal distribution
scaleNoiseAnchorsScale noise anchors
scaleSPLScale SPL
schwaSchwa-related formant conversion
segmentSegment a sound
segmentFolderSegment all files in a folder
segmentManualManual counts of syllables in 260 sounds
selfsimCompute self-similarity
semitonesToHzConvert semitones to Hz
soundgenGenerate a sound
soundgen_appSoundgen shiny app
spectrogramFolderSave spectrograms per folder
splitContourSplit contour
spreadSpecSpread spectrum
ssmSelf-similarity matrix
to_dBConvert to dB
upsampleUpsample pitch contour
wiggleAnchorsRandomly modify anchors
wiggleGCWiggle glottal cycles
wiggleParsWiggle parameters
zeroOneNormalize 0 to 1
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