Man pages for soundgen
Sound Synthesis and Acoustic Analysis

addAMAdd amplitude modulation
addFormantsAdd formants
addPitchCandsPlot pitch candidates
addVectorsAdd overlapping vectors
analyzeAcoustic analysis
analyzeFrameAnalyze fft frame
annotation_appAnnotation app
audSpectrogramAuditory spectrogram
averageMatricesAverage matrices
bandpassBandpass/stop filters
beatGenerate beat
checkInputTypeCheck audio input type
clumperClump a sequence into large segments
compareSoundsCompare two sounds
convert_sec_to_hmsPrint time
convertStringToFormantsPrepare a list of formants
costJumpsCost of jumps
costPerPathCost per path
crossFadeJoin two waveforms by cross-fading
defaultsShiny app defaults
defaults_analyzeDefaults and ranges for analyze()
defaults_analyze_pitchCandDefaults for plotting with analyze()
def_formDefaults and ranges for formant_app()
detectNLPDetect NLP
detectNLP_training_nonvNonlinear phenomena: Naive Bayes classifier trained on human...
detectNLP_training_synthNonlinear phenomena: Naive Bayes classifier trained on...
divideIntoSyllablesSyllable structure of a bout
dot-addAMAdd AM to a sound
dot-addFormantsAdd formants per sound
dot-analyzeAnalyze per sound
dot-audSpectrogramAuditory spectrogram per sound
dot-bandpassBandpass filter per sound
dot-detectNLPDetect NLP per sound
dot-fadeFade per sound
dot-filterSoundByMSFilter a single sound by MS
dot-flatEnvFlat envelope per sound
dot-flatSpectrumFlat spectrum per sound
dot-getDurationGet duration per sound
dot-getLoudnessLoudness per sound
dot-getPitchZcZero-crossing rate per sound
dot-getRMSRMS amplitude per sound
dot-getSurprisalGet surprisal per sound
dot-modulationSpectrumModulation spectrum per sound
dot-oscOscillogram per sound
dot-phasegramPhasegram per sound
dot-pitchDescriptivesPitch descriptives per file
dot-prosodyProsody per sound
dot-resampleResample per sound
dot-reverbAdd reverb to a sound
dot-segmentInternal soundgen function
dot-shiftFormantsShift formants per sound
dot-shiftPitchShift pitch per sound
dot-spectrogramSpectrogram per sound
dot-ssmSSM per sound
dot-timeStretchTime stretch per sound
dPhasePhase derivatives
drawContourDraw contour
ERBToHzConvert Hz to ERB rate
estimateVTLEstimate vocal tract length
evaluateParsEvaluate parameters for optimization
filled.contour.modModified filled.contour
filterMSFilter modulation spectrum
filterSoundByMSFilter sound by modulation spectrum
findBurstsFind bursts
findElbowFind the elbow of a screeplot or similar
findGradFind gradient
findInflectionsFind inflections
findJumpsFind frequency jumps
findSyllablesFind syllables
findVoicedSegmentsFind voiced segments
findZeroCrossingFind zero crossing
flatEnvFlat envelope / compressor
flatSpectrumFlat spectrum
forcePerPathForce per path
formant_appInteractive formant tracker
formatPitchManualFormat pitchManual
gaussianSmooth2DGaussian smoothing in 2D
generateEpochGenerate an epoch
generateGCGenerate glottal cycles
generateHarmonicsGenerate harmonics
generateNoiseGenerate noise
generatePathGenerate path
getAMGet amplitude modulation
getAM_envGet Amplitude Modulation
getBandwidthGet bandwidth
getCheckerboardKernelCheckerboard kernel
getCPPGet Cepstral Peak Prominence
getDiscreteContourDiscrete smooth contour from anchors
getDomGet lowest dominant frequency band
getDurationGet duration
getEnvGet amplitude envelope
getFeatureFluxGet flux from features
getFormantDispersionGet formant dispersion
getFormantsGet formants
getFrameBankFrame bank
getGlottalCyclesDivide f0 contour into glottal cycles
getIntegerRandomWalkDiscrete random walk
getLoudnessGet loudness
getLoudnessPerFrameGet loudness per frame
getMelSpecMel-transformed spectrogram
getNoveltySSM novelty
getPeakFreqGet peak frequency
getPitchAutocorAutocorrelation pitch tracker
getPitchCepCepstral pitch tracker
getPitchHpsHarmonic product spectrum
getPitchSpecBaNa pitch tracker
getPitchZcZero-crossing rate
getPriorGet prior for pitch candidates
getRandomWalkRandom walk
getRMSRMS amplitude
getRolloffControl rolloff of harmonics
getRoughGet roughness
getSigmoidGet sigmoid filter
getSmoothContourSmooth contour from anchors
getSmoothSpectrumGet smooth spectrum
getSpectralEnvelopeSpectral envelope
getSpectralFluxGet spectral flux
getSurprisalGet surprisal
getSurprisal_matrixGet surprisal per matrix
getSurprisal_vectorGet surprisal per vector
getVocalFry_per_epochConstant subharmonics regime
guessPhase_GLGuess phase GL
guessPhase_spsiGuess phase SPSI
harmEnergyEnergy in harmonics
harmHeightHeight of harmonics
harmHeight_difHeight of harmonics: difference method
harmHeight_peaksHeight of harmonics: peaks method
hillenbrandFormants in American vowels
htmlPlotsHTML for clickable plots
hz2melHz to mel
HzToERBConvert Hz to ERB rate
HzToNotesConvert Hz to notes
HzToSemitonesConvert Hz to semitones
identifyAndPlayIdentify and play
interpolMatrixInterpolate matrix
intplNAInterpolate NAs
invertSpectrogramInvert spectrogram
isCentral.localMaxSimple peak detection
isNeighbour_modIs neighbor modified
istft_modModified istft
killDCKill DC
listDepthList depth
lockToFormantsLock to formants
logMatrixLog-warp matrix
logWarpMSLog-warp a modulation spectrum
matchColumnsMatch number of columns
matchLengthsResize vector to required length
matchParsMatch soundgen pars (experimental)
medianSmootherMedian smoothing
ModeModified mode
modulationSpectrumModulation spectrum
modulationSpectrumFragmentModulation spectrum per fragment
morphMorph sounds
morphDFMorph dataframes
morphFormantsMorph formants
morphListMorph lists
msToSpecModulation spectrum to spectrogram
naiveBayesNaive Bayes
naiveBayes_dynamicPriorNaive Bayes dynamic prior
naiveBayes_likelihoodNaive Bayes likelihood
naiveBayes_trainTrain a naive Bayes classifier
nonLinearPrediction_modNonlinear prediction modified
nonlinPredNonlinear prediction
nonlinStatsNonlinear statistics
normalizeFolderNormalize folder
notesDictConversion table from Hz to musical notation
notesToHzConvert notes to Hz
objectToStringObject to string
optimizeParsOptimize parameters for acoustic analysis
parabPeakInterpolParabolic peak interpolation
pathfinding_fastPath through pitch candidates: fast
pathfinding_slowPath through pitch candidates: slow
pDistrProportion of total
permittedValuesDefaults and ranges for soundgen()
phasePropagatePropagate phase
phon2soneConvert phon to sone
pitch_appInteractive pitch tracker
pitchContourManually corrected pitch contours in 260 sounds
pitchDescriptivesPitch descriptives
pitchManualManual pitch estimation in 260 sounds
pitchSmoothPraatPitch smoothing as in Praat
playmePlay audio
plotMSPlot modulation spectrum
plotSpecPlot spectrogram
princargPrincipal argument
processAudioProcess audio
pseudoLog_undoUndo pseudolog
readAudioRead audio
reformatAnchorsReformat anchors
reformatFormantsReformat formants
reportCIReport CI
reportTimeReport time
resampleResample a vector
reverbReverb & echo
rnorm_truncatedRandom draw from a truncated normal distribution
scaleNoiseAnchorsScale noise anchors
scaleSPLScale SPL
schwaSchwa-related formant conversion
segmentSegment a sound
segmentManualManual counts of syllables in 260 sounds
selfsimCompute self-similarity
semitonesToHzConvert semitones to Hz
shiftFormantsShift formants
shiftPitchShift pitch
silenceSegmentsSilence sound segments
soundgenGenerate a sound
soundgen_appInteractive sound synthesizer
specToMSSpectrogram to modulation spectrum
splitContourSplit contour
splitIntoChunksSplit vector into chunks
spreadSpecSpread spectrum
ssmSelf-similarity matrix
subhToHarmSubharmonics-to-harmonics ratio
summarizeAnalyzeSummarize the output of analyze()
switchColorThemeSwitch color theme
timeSeriesSummaryTime series summary
timeStretchTime stretch
to_dBConvert to dB
transplantEnvTransplant envelope
transplantFormantsTransplant formants
updateAnalyzeUpdate analyze
upsampleGCUpsample glottal cycles
validateParsValidate parameters
warpMatrixWarp matrix
wiggleAnchorsRandomly modify anchors
wiggleGCWiggle glottal cycles
wiggleParsWiggle parameters
writeAudioWrite audio
zeroOneNormalize 0 to 1
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