forcePerPath: Force per path

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Force per path


Internal soundgen function.


forcePerPath(pitch, pitchCands, pitchCert, pitchCenterGravity, certWeight)



numeric vector representing our best guess at pitch contour, which we are now attempting to improve by minimizing its elastic tension


a matrix of multiple pitch candidates per fft frame. Each column is one fft frame, each row is one candidate (the last row is always "manual")


a matrix of the same dimensionality as pitchCands specifying our certainty in pitch candidates


numeric vector giving the mean of all pitch candidates per fft frame weighted by our certainty in each of these candidates


(0 to 1) in pitch postprocessing, specifies how much we prioritize the certainty of pitch candidates vs. pitch jumps / the internal tension of the resulting pitch curve


Internal helper function for postprocessing of pitch contour. Returns the total force acting on a snake (sum of internal and external gradients, i.e. of the elastic force trying to straighten the snake [internal] and of the force pushing the snake towards the most certain pitch estimates [external])


Returns a numeric vector of the same length as pitch that gives the total force acting on the snake at each point.

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