HzToSemitones: Convert Hz to semitones

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HzToSemitonesR Documentation

Convert Hz to semitones


Converts from Hz to semitones above C-5 (~0.5109875 Hz) or another reference frequency. This may not seem very useful, but note that this gives us a nice logarithmic scale for generating natural pitch transitions.


HzToSemitones(h, ref = 0.5109875)



vector or matrix of frequencies (Hz)


frequency of the reference value (defaults to C-5, 0.51 Hz)

See Also

semitonesToHz HzToNotes


s = HzToSemitones(c(440, 293, 115))
# to convert to musical notation
notesDict$note[1 + round(s)]
# note the "1 +": semitones ABOVE C-5, i.e. notesDict[1, ] is C-5

# Any reference tone can be specified. For ex., for semitones above C0, use:
HzToSemitones(440, ref = 16.35)
# TIP: see notesDict for a table of Hz frequencies to musical notation

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