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eem_easyR Documentation

Opens an R markdown template for an easy and userfriendly analysis of EEM data.


In your default editor (e.g. RStudio), a Rmd file is opened. It consists of bloacks gathering the parameters and information needed and continues with a series of data corrections, peak picking and plots. Finally you get a report of your analysis, a table with the peaks and optional pngs of your fluorescence data. To continue working and keeping your settings, the file can be sa ved anywhere and reused anytime.




Function does not work well in Windows. You might try file.edit(system.file("EEM_simple_analysis.Rmd", package = "staRdom"))


A pdf report, a peak picking table and optional plots.


## Not run: 

# this function fails very often, so you might use that:
file.edit(system.file("EEM_simple_analysis.Rmd", package = "staRdom"))

## End(Not run)

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