Man pages for tcgsaseq
Time-Course Gene Set Analysis for RNA-Seq Data

baduel_5gsSmall portion of RNA-seq data from plant physiology study.
compute_sim_voomlikeComputing simulations results
compute_sim_voomlike_genewiseComputing simulations results observation-wise
data_sim_voomlikeData simulation function
deseq_fnComputes gene-wise p-values from DESeq2 method using...
dsFDREstimating the False Discovery Rate
grapes-pow-grapesPower for matrix elements
nb_sim_fnComputing negative binomial simulations results
nonlin_sim_fnComputing nonlinear simulations results
PBT_gmtPBT gene sets related to kidney transplant
perm_peExact permutation p-values
qAbundanceDistGene abundance proportion distribution of RNA-seq data.
sp_weightsNon parametric local heteroscedasticity weights
tcgsaseqtcgsaseq: a package to perform Time-course Gene Set Analysis...
tcgsa_seqTime-course Gene Set Analysis
varcompseqVariance component testing for RNA-seq data analysis
vc_scoreComputes variance component test statistic for longitudinal
vc_score_hComputes variance component test statistic for homogeneous...
vc_score_h_permComputes variance component test statistic for homogeneous...
vc_score_permComputes variance component test statistic and its permuted...
vc_test_asymComputes variance component test statistic for longitudinal
vc_test_permPermutation-based variance component test statistic
voom_weightsPrecision weights accounting for heteroscedasticity in...
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