Man pages for timeSeries
Financial Time Series Objects (Rmetrics)

00timeSeries-packageUtilities and Tools Package
base-applyApply Functions Over Time Series Periods
base-attachAttach a timSeries to the search path
base-cbindBind two timeSeries objects
base-dimTime Series Columns and Rows
base-mergeMerges two 'timeSeries' objects
base-rankSample Ranks of a Time Series
base-revReversion of a 'timeSeries'
base-sortSorting a 'timeSeries' by Time Stamps
base-startStart and End of a 'timeSeries'
base-subsettingSubsettig Time Series
base-ttimeSeries Transpose
data-examplesTime Series Data Sets
fin-aligntimeSeries Class, Functions and Methods
fin-cumulatedCumulated Time Series from Returns
fin-dailySpecial Daily Time Series
fin-drawdownsCalculations of Drawdowns
fin-durationsDurations from a Time Series
fin-monthlySpecial Monthly Series
fin-periodicalEnd-of-Period Series, Stats, and Benchmarks
fin-returnsFinancial Returns
fin-runlengthsRunlengths of a Time Series
fin-spreadsSpreads and Mid Quotes
fin-turnpointsTurning Points of a Time Series
fin-wealthConversion of an index to wealth
methods-astimeSeries Class, Coercion and Transformation
methods-baseMethods for 'timeSeries' object
methods-commentcomment for timeSeries objects
methods-istimeSeries Class, Coercion and Transformation
methods-mathOpsMathematical Time Series Operations
methods-plotPlot a Time Series
methods-showPrint a Time Series
methods-statsTime Series Correlations
statistics-colCumsumsCumulated Column Statistics
statistics-colSumsColumn Statistics
statistics-orderColnamesReorder Column Names of a Time Series
statistics-orderStatisticsorder Statistics
statistics-rollMeanRolling Statistics
statistics-rowCumsumsCumulated Column Statistics
statistics-smoothLowessSmoothes Time Series Objects
stats-aggregatetimeSeries Class, Functions and Methods
stats-filterLinear Filtering on a Time Series
stats-lagLag a Time Series
stats-model.frameModel Frames for Time Series Objects
stats-na.contiguousFind Longest Contiguous Stretch of non-NAs
stats-na.omitHandling Missing Time Series Values
timeSeriestimeSeries Class
timeSeries-deprecatedDeprecated functions in timeSeries package
timeSeries-isRegularChecks if a time series is regular
timeSeries-isUnivariateChecks if a Time Series is Univariate
timeSeries-readSeriesReads a 'timeSeries' from a File
timeSeries-slotDocumentationGet and Set Optional Attributes of a 'timeSeries'
timeSeries-slotFinCenterGet and Set Financial Center of a 'timeSeries'
timeSeries-slotSeriesGet and Set Data of a 'timeSeries'
timeSeries-slotTimeGet and Set Time stamps of a 'timeSeries'
timeSeries-slotUnitsGet and Set Unit Names of a 'timeSeries'
utils-descriptionCreates Date and User Information
utils-structuretimeSeries Object Structure
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