Man pages for timereg
Flexible Regression Models for Survival Data

aalenFit additive hazards model
bmtThe Bone Marrow Transplant Data
cd4The multicenter AIDS cohort study
comp.riskCompetings Risks Regression
constIdentifies parametric terms of model
coxIdentifies proportional excess terms of model
cox.aalenFit Cox-Aalen survival model
cox.ipwMissing data IPW Cox
cslCSL liver chirrosis data
cum.residualsModel validation based on cumulative residuals
diabetesThe Diabetic Retinopathy Data
dynregFit time-varying regression model
EventEvent history object
event.splitEventSplit (SurvSplit).
Gprop.oddsFit Generalized Semiparametric Proportional 0dds Model
internal-addregFor internal use
krylow.plsFits Krylow based PLS for additive hazards model
melanomaThe Melanoma Survival Data
mela.popMelanoma data and Danish population mortality by age and sex
mypbcmy version of the PBC data of the survival package
pava.predMake predictions of predict functions in rows mononotone
pe.sasieniFits Proportional excess hazards model with fixed offsets
plot.aalenPlots estimates and test-processes
plot.cum.residualsPlots cumulative residuals
plot.dynregPlots estimates and test-processes
predict.timeregPredictions for Survival and Competings Risks Regression for...
prep.comp.riskSet up weights for delayed-entry competing risks data for...
print.aalenPrints call
propIdentifies the multiplicative terms in Cox-Aalen model and...
prop.excessFits Proportional excess hazards model
prop.oddsFit Semiparametric Proportional 0dds Model
prop.odds.subdistFit Semiparametric Proportional 0dds Model for the competing...
qcutCut a variable
recurrent.marginal.coxmeanEstimates marginal mean of recurrent events based on two cox...
recurrent.marginal.meanEstimates marginal mean of recurrent events
res.meanResidual mean life (restricted)
restricted.residual.meanEstimates restricted residual mean for Cox or Aalen model
summary.aalenPrints summary statistics
summary.cum.residualsPrints summary statistics for goodness-of-fit tests based on...
timecoxFit Cox model with partly timevarying effects.
TRACEThe TRACE study group of myocardial infarction
two.stageFit Clayton-Oakes-Glidden Two-Stage model
wald.testMakes wald test
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