tis: Time Indexes and Time Indexed Series

Functions and S3 classes for time indexes and time indexed series, which are compatible with FAME frequencies.

AuthorJeff Hallman <jeffrey.j.hallman@frb.gov>
Date of publication2015-06-09 21:27:25
MaintainerJeff Hallman <jeffrey.j.hallman@frb.gov>

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Man pages

aggregate.tis: Compute Summary Statistics of Time Series Subsets

asClassyList: Convert a vector into a list of objects with the same class

as.data.frame.tis: Coerce to a Data Frame

as.Date.jul: Convert ti or jul objects to Dates

as.list.ti: Construct a List from a Time Index or Jul Object

as.matrix.tis: Create a Matrix from a Time Indexed Series

assignList: Assign Values In a List to Names

as.ts.tis: Convert a Time Indexed Series to a Time Series

barplot2: Horizontally Shifted Bar Plots

barplot.tis: Barplot for Time Indexed Series

basis: Optional tis attributes

between: Check for Inclusion in a Closed Interval

blanks: Blanks

capitalize: Capitalize strings

cbind.tis: Combine Series Into a Multivariate (Matrix) Time Indexed...

columns: Rows and Columns of a Matrix

constantGrowthSeries: Constant Growth Series

convert: Time scale conversions for time series

csv: Writes a CSV (comma separated values) file.

cumsum: Cumulative Sums, Products, and Extremes

currentMonday: Day of Week Time Indexes

currentPeriod: Current Period Time Indexes

dateRange: Start and End Time Indices for a Series

dayOfPeriod: Day positions in Time Index Periods

description: Description and Documentation Attributes

evalOrEcho: Evaluate an Argument If Possible

format.ti: Convert Time Index or Jul to Character

fortify.tis: Fortify a tis object

frColors: FRB Color Palettes

growth.rate: Growth Rates of Time Series

hms: Hours, Minutes and Seconds from a Time Index or Jul

holidays: Holidays

inferTi: Create a Time Index to Match a Vector of DateTimes

interpNA: Interpolate missing values in a Time Indexed Series

intradayFrequencies: R support for Intraday frequencies

isIntradayTif: Check for Intraday Time Index Frequency

isLeapYear: Check Leap Year

jul: Julian Date Objects

lags: Lag a Time Series

latestPeriod: Most Recent Period Time Indexes

linearSplineIntegration: Linear Spline Integration

lines.tis: Plotting Time Indexed Series

mergeSeries: Merge Time Indexed Series

naWindow: Exclude NA and Zero Observations

nberShade: Plotting NBER Recesssions

nberShade.ggplot: Plotting NBER Recesssions in the ggplot graphics system

plotWindow: Set up Coordinates for Graphics Window

POSIXct: Date-time Constructor Functions

print.ti: Print a Time Index

print.tis: Printing Time Indexed Series

RowMeans: Form Row Sums and Means

scatterPlot: Produce high-quality scatter plots

screenPage: Page Setup for Plots

setColors: Set the Graphics Palette and Default Colors

setDefaultFrequencies: Return Known Time Index Frequencies, Change Default...

solve.tridiag: Solve a Tridiagonal System of Equations

ssDate: ssDate Objects

start.tis: Starting and ending time indexes

stripBlanks: Strip Blanks

stripClass: Remove part of a class attribute

ti: Time Index Objects

tiDaily: Daily and Business Day Time Indexes

tierChart: Create tier charts

tif: Time Index Frequencies and Periods

tif2freq: Periods Per Year for Time Index Frequencies

tis: Time Indexed Series

tisFilter: Linear Filtering on a Time Series

tisFromCsv: Read time series from Comma Separated Values (.csv) file

tisLegend: Add a legend to a tisPlot or scatterPlot

tis-package: Time Indices and Time Indexed Series

tisPlot: Plot time indexed series (tis objects)

today: Time Index for the Current Date

t.tis: Matrix Transpose

updateColumns: Update lists and time series

window.tis: Time windows for Time Indexed Series

ymd: Extract parts of various Date-Time Objects

ymdShade: Shading Date Ranges

Files in this package

tis/R/convert.R tis/R/csv.R tis/R/barplot.tis.R tis/R/setColors.R tis/R/barplot2.R tis/R/inferTi.R tis/R/RowSums.R tis/R/updateColumns.R tis/R/screenPage.R tis/R/zooStuff.R tis/R/stripClass.R tis/R/naWindow.R tis/R/assignList.R tis/R/scatterPlot.R tis/R/format.default.R tis/R/solve.tridiag.R tis/R/time.R tis/R/tisFromCsv.R tis/R/nber.R tis/R/filter.tis.R tis/R/description.R tis/R/edit.R tis/R/holidays.R tis/R/rowsAndColumns.R tis/R/growth.rate.R tis/R/between.R tis/R/lags.R tis/R/plotWindow.R tis/R/evalOrEcho.R tis/R/tis.R tis/R/tier.R tis/R/tisPlot.R tis/R/fortify.tis.R tis/R/asClassyList.R tis/R/stringFunctions.R tis/R/constantGrowthSeries.R tis/R/interpNA.R tis/R/nberShade.ggplot.R tis/R/ti.R tis/R/zzz.R tis/R/convenientTi.R tis/R/capitalize.R tis/R/ymdShade.R tis/R/Lag.R
tis/man/evalOrEcho.Rd tis/man/tisFromCsv.Rd tis/man/screenPage.Rd tis/man/naWindow.Rd tis/man/RowMeans.Rd tis/man/fortify.tis.Rd tis/man/latestPeriod.Rd tis/man/description.Rd tis/man/isIntradayTif.Rd tis/man/hms.Rd tis/man/basis.Rd tis/man/holidays.Rd tis/man/barplot2.Rd tis/man/linearSplineIntegration.Rd tis/man/solve.tridiag.Rd tis/man/interpNA.Rd tis/man/constantGrowthSeries.Rd tis/man/as.list.ti.Rd tis/man/tierChart.Rd tis/man/nberShade.ggplot.Rd tis/man/start.tis.Rd tis/man/capitalize.Rd tis/man/columns.Rd tis/man/currentPeriod.Rd tis/man/inferTi.Rd tis/man/nberShade.Rd tis/man/tif2freq.Rd tis/man/as.matrix.tis.Rd tis/man/setColors.Rd tis/man/print.ti.Rd tis/man/t.tis.Rd tis/man/mergeSeries.Rd tis/man/convert.Rd tis/man/tif.Rd tis/man/dayOfPeriod.Rd tis/man/intradayFrequencies.Rd tis/man/csv.Rd tis/man/tisFilter.Rd tis/man/tis.Rd tis/man/between.Rd tis/man/plotWindow.Rd tis/man/cbind.tis.Rd tis/man/cumsum.Rd tis/man/updateColumns.Rd tis/man/dateRange.Rd tis/man/lags.Rd tis/man/blanks.Rd tis/man/ti.Rd tis/man/as.ts.tis.Rd tis/man/asClassyList.Rd tis/man/setDefaultFrequencies.Rd tis/man/tis-package.Rd tis/man/format.ti.Rd tis/man/today.Rd tis/man/print.tis.Rd tis/man/frColors.Rd tis/man/window.tis.Rd tis/man/barplot.tis.Rd tis/man/assignList.Rd tis/man/ymdShade.Rd tis/man/currentMonday.Rd tis/man/jul.Rd tis/man/growth.rate.Rd tis/man/scatterPlot.Rd tis/man/stripBlanks.Rd tis/man/as.data.frame.tis.Rd tis/man/tisPlot.Rd tis/man/as.Date.jul.Rd tis/man/tiDaily.Rd tis/man/isLeapYear.Rd tis/man/POSIXct.Rd tis/man/stripClass.Rd tis/man/aggregate.tis.Rd tis/man/tisLegend.Rd tis/man/lines.tis.Rd tis/man/ymd.Rd tis/man/ssDate.Rd

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