Man pages for tis
Time Indexes and Time Indexed Series

aggregate.tisCompute Summary Statistics of Time Series Subsets
asClassyListConvert a vector into a list of objects with the same class to a Data Frame
as.Date.julConvert ti or jul objects to Dates
as.list.tiConstruct a List from a Time Index or Jul Object
as.matrix.tisCreate a Matrix from a Time Indexed Series
assignListAssign Values In a List to Names
as.ts.tisConvert a Time Indexed Series to a Time Series
barplot2Horizontally Shifted Bar Plots
barplot.tisBarplot for Time Indexed Series
basisOptional tis attributes
betweenCheck for Inclusion in a Closed Interval
capitalizeCapitalize strings
cbind.tisCombine Series Into a Multivariate (Matrix) Time Indexed...
columnsRows and Columns of a Matrix
constantGrowthSeriesConstant Growth Series
convertTime scale conversions for time series
csvWrites a CSV (comma separated values) file.
cumsumCumulative Sums, Products, and Extremes
currentMondayDay of Week Time Indexes
currentPeriodCurrent Period Time Indexes
dateRangeStart and End Time Indices for a Series
dayOfPeriodDay positions in Time Index Periods
descriptionDescription and Documentation Attributes
evalOrEchoEvaluate an Argument If Possible
format.tiConvert Time Index or Jul to Character
fortify.tisFortify a tis object
frColorsFRB Color Palettes
growth.rateGrowth Rates of Time Series
hmsHours, Minutes and Seconds from a Time Index or Jul
inferTiCreate a Time Index to Match a Vector of DateTimes
interpNAInterpolate missing values in a Time Indexed Series
intradayFrequenciesR support for Intraday frequencies
isIntradayTifCheck for Intraday Time Index Frequency
isLeapYearCheck Leap Year
julJulian Date Objects
lagsLag a Time Series
latestPeriodMost Recent Period Time Indexes
linearSplineIntegrationLinear Spline Integration
lines.tisPlotting Time Indexed Series
mergeSeriesMerge Time Indexed Series
naWindowExclude NA and Zero Observations
nberShadePlotting NBER Recesssions
plotWindowSet up Coordinates for Graphics Window
POSIXctDate-time Constructor Functions
print.tiPrint a Time Index
print.tisPrinting Time Indexed Series
RowMeansForm Row Sums and Means
scatterPlotProduce high-quality scatter plots
screenPagePage Setup for Plots
setColorsSet the Graphics Palette and Default Colors
setDefaultFrequenciesReturn Known Time Index Frequencies, Change Default...
solve.tridiagSolve a Tridiagonal System of Equations
ssDatessDate Objects
start.tisStarting and ending time indexes
stripBlanksStrip Blanks
stripClassRemove part of a class attribute
tiTime Index Objects
tiDailyDaily and Business Day Time Indexes
tierChartCreate tier charts
tifTime Index Frequencies and Periods
tif2freqPeriods Per Year for Time Index Frequencies
tisTime Indexed Series
tisFilterLinear Filtering on a Time Series
tisFromCsvRead time series from Comma Separated Values (.csv) file
tisLegendAdd a legend to a tisPlot or scatterPlot
tis-packageTime Indices and Time Indexed Series
tisPlotPlot time indexed series (tis objects)
todayTime Index for the Current Date
t.tisMatrix Transpose
updateColumnsUpdate lists and time series
window.tisTime windows for Time Indexed Series
ymdExtract parts of various Date-Time Objects
ymdShadeShading Date Ranges
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