tisLegend: Add a legend to a tisPlot or scatterPlot

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The plotting functions tisPlot and scatterPlot leave an object named latestPlot in the frame from which they were called. tisLegend uses that object to set legend arguments (which you can override) and sets reasonable defaults for other arguments.


tisLegend(..., xrel = 0.1, yrel = 0.1, xjust = 0, yjust = 1, boxType ="n",
          ncol = 1, cex = 1)



optional arguments to be passed on to legend. These can include x and y arguments to position the legend, or a list with components named x and y, such as the list returned by locator(1).

xrel, yrel

Optional numbers between 0 and 1 to specify placement relative to the boundaries of the plot.

xjust, yjust, ncol

passed along to legend


passed along as bty to legend


gets multiplied by the cex from latestPlot and then passed on to legend


This function is not strictly necessary, in that you could just call legend directly. tisLegend makes things a bit easier, however, by using the same argument names as tisPlot and scatterPlot to specify color, lineType, plotChar and boxType, rather than the less intuitive col, lty, pch and bty names. The xrel and yrel arguments provide an alternative way to specify legend placement, one that is used by the ChartMaker program.


a list of the arguments that were sent on to legend, with class "tisLegend"

See Also

legend, tisPlot, scatterPlot

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