Defines functions check_topology

Documented in check_topology

#' Check if the topology is valid.
#' Check if the argument is of the same type as a predicted topology,
#' as can be created with \link{run_tmhmm}.
#' Will \link{stop} if not.
#' @inheritParams default_params_doc
#' @return Nothing. Will \link{stop} with a helpful error message if
#' the topology is invalid.
#' @author Richèl J.C. Bilderbeek
#' @export
check_topology <- function(topology) {
  if (!tibble::is_tibble(topology)) {
    stop("'topology' must be a tibble")
  expected_names <- c("name", "topology")
  if (length(names(topology)) != length(expected_names)) {
    stop("'topology' must have the correct number of columns")

  if (!all(names(topology) %in% expected_names)) {
    stop("'topology' must have columns 'name' and 'topology'")

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