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Manipulate and Explore UK Biobank Data

icd10chaptersInternational Classification of Diseases Revision 10 (ICD-10)...
icd10codesInternational Classification of Diseases Revision 10 (ICD-10)...
icd9chaptersInternational Classification of Diseases Revision 9 (ICD-9)...
icd9codesInternational Classification of Diseases Revision 9 (ICD-9)...
ukbcentreUKB assessment centre
ukb_centreInserts UKB centre names into data
ukb_contextDemographics of a UKB sample subset
ukb_defunctDefunct genetic metadata functions
ukb_dfReads a UK Biobank phenotype fileset and returns a single...
ukb_df_duplicated_nameChecks for duplicated names within a UKB dataset
ukb_df_fieldMakes a UKB data-field to variable name table for reference...
ukb_df_full_joinRecursively join a list of UKB datasets
ukb_gen_exclSample exclusions
ukb_gen_excl_to_naInserts NA into phenotype for genetic metadata exclusions
ukb_gen_hetHeterozygosity outliers
ukb_gen_metaGenetic metadata
ukb_gen_pcsGenetic principal components
ukb_gen_read_famReads a PLINK format fam file
ukb_gen_read_sampleReads an Oxford format sample file
ukb_gen_relCreates a table of related individuals
ukb_gen_related_with_dataSubset of the UKB relatedness dataframe with data
ukb_gen_rel_countRelatedness count
ukb_gen_samples_to_removeRelated samples (with data on the variable of interest) to...
ukb_gen_sqc_namesSample QC column names
ukb_gen_write_bgenieWrites a BGENIE format phenotype or covariate file.
ukb_gen_write_plinkWrites a PLINK format phenotype or covariate file
ukb_gen_write_plink_exclWrites a PLINK format file for combined exclusions
ukb_icd_code_meaningRetrieves description for a ICD code.
ukb_icd_diagnosisRetrieves diagnoses for an individual.
ukb_icd_freq_byFrequency of an ICD diagnosis by a target variable
ukb_icd_keywordRetrieves diagnoses containing a description.
ukb_icd_prevalenceReturns the prevalence for an ICD diagnosis
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