ukb_defunct: Defunct genetic metadata functions

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The genetic metadata functions were written to retrieve genetic metadata from the phenotype file for the interim genotype release. The fields retrieved became obselete when the full genotyping results (500K individuals) were released at the end of 2017. With the release of the full genotyping results, sample QC (ukb_sqc_v2.txt) and marker QC (ukb_snp_qc.txt) data are now supplied as separate files. The contents of these files, along with all other genetic files are described fully in UKB Resource 531.




See also lists new functionality that works with the files described in UKB Resource 531.

See Also

ukb_gen_sqc_names, ukb_gen_rel_count, ukb_gen_related_with_data, ukb_gen_samples_to_remove

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