userfriendlyscience: Quantitative Analysis Made Accessible

Contains a number of functions that serve two goals. First, to make R more accessible to people migrating from SPSS by adding a number of functions that behave roughly like their SPSS equivalents. Second, to make a number of slightly more advanced functions more user friendly to relatively novice users. The package also conveniently houses a number of additional functions that are intended to increase the quality of methodology and statistics in psychology, not by offering technical solutions, but by shifting perspectives, for example towards reasoning based on sampling distributions as opposed to on point estimates.

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AuthorGjalt-Jorn Peters
Date of publication2017-04-03 20:23:45 UTC
MaintainerGjalt-Jorn Peters <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

associationMatrix: associationMatrix

associationMatrixHelperFunctions: associationMatrix Helper Functions

associationsDiamondPlot: A diamondplot with confidence intervals for associations

asymmetricalScatterMatrix: asymmetricalScatterMatrix

averageFishersZs: averageFishersZs

averagePearsonRs: averagePearsonRs

basicSPSStranslationFunctions: Basic SPSS translation functions

biAxisDiamondPlot: Diamondplot with two Y axes

CIBER: Confidence Interval-Based Estimation of Relevance (CIBER)

cohensdDist: The distribution of Cohen's _d_

confIntOmegaSq: Confidence intervals for Omega Squared

confIntR: A function to compute a correlation's confidence interval

confIntV: crossTab, confIntV and cramersV

convert: conversion functions Helper functions for Numbers Needed for Change

createSigma: createSigma: convenience function for mvrnorm

curfnfinder: Function to find the name of the calling function

descr: descr (or descriptives)

detectRareWords: Looking up word frequencies

determinantStructure: Determinant Structure specification

determinantStructurePreprocessing: Functions to preprocess determinant structures

diamondPlot: Basic diamond plot construction function

didacticPlot: didacticPlot

dlvPlot: dlvPlot

escapeRegex: Escapes any characters that would have special meaning in a...

examine: Examine one or more variables

exceptionalScore: exceptionalScore

exceptionalScores: exceptionalScores

extractVarName: Extract variable names

faConfInt: Extract confidence bounds from psych's factor analysis object

factorLoadingDiamondCIplot: Two-dimensional visualisation of factor analyses

formatCI: Pretty formatting of confidence intervals

freq: Frequency tables

fullFact: fullFact

ggBarChart: Bar chart using ggplot

ggBoxplot: Box plot using ggplot

ggDiamondLayer: Basic ggplot2 diamond plot layer construction functions

ggNNC: Visualising Numbers Needed for Change

ggPie: A ggplot pie chart

ggqq: Easy ggplot Q-Q plot

importLimeSurveyData: importLimeSurveyData

invertItems: invertItems

iqrOutlier: Identify outliers according to the IQR criterion

isTrue: isTrue

itemInspection: itemInspection

meanDiff: meanDiff

meanDiff.multi: meanDiff.multi

meansDiamondPlot: Diamond plots

meanSDtoDiamondPlot: A diamond plot based on means, standard deviations, and...

nnc: Numbers Needed for Change

normalityAssessment: normalityAssessment and samplingDistribution

oddsratio: oddsratio

omegaSqDist: The distribution of Omega Squared

oneway: oneway

paginatedAsymmetricalScatterMatrix: paginatedAsymmetricalScatterMatrix

panderMethods: userfriendlyscience methods to pander objects

posthocTGH: posthocTGH

powerHist: powerHist

prevalencePower: Power analysis for establishing a prevalence

printMethods: userfriendlyscience print methods

processLSvarLabels: A function to conveniently process LimeSurvey labels

processOpenSesameIAT: processOpenSesameIAT

pwr.confIntR: Determine required sample size for a given confidence...

pwr.omegasq: Power calculations for Omega Squared.

randomizationSuccess: Computations for successful randomization

regr: regr: a simple regression analysis wrapper

regrInfluential: Detecting influential cases in regression analyses

removeExceptionalValues: removeExceptionalValues

rMatrix: rMatrix

rnwString: rnwString functions

RsqDist: The distribution of R squared (as obtained in a regression...

scaleDiagnosis: scaleDiagnosis

scaleDiagnosisToPDF: scaleDiagnosisToPDF

scaleInspection: scaleInspection and a number of useful helper functions

scaleStructure: scaleStructure

scatterMatrix: scatterMatrix

scatterPlot: Easy ggplot2 scatter plots

setCaptionNumbering: Convenience function for numbered captions in knitr (and so,...

setFigCapNumbering: Automatic caption numbering knitr hooks for figures and...

showPearsonPower: Visualisation of the power of a Pearson correlation test

simDataSet: simDataSet

sort.associationMatrix: sort.associationMatrix

testRetestAlpha: testRetestAlpha

testRetestCES: testRetestCES

testRetestReliability: testRetestReliability

testRetestSimData: testRetestSimData is a simulated dataframe used to...

therapyMonitor: therapyMonitor & therapyMonitor.multi

userfriendlyscienceBasics: userfriendlyscience basics

userfriendlyscience-package: Userfriendlyscience


addToLog Man page
associationMatrix Man page
associationMatrixESDefaults Man page
associationMatrixStatDefaults Man page
associationsDiamondPlot Man page
associationsToDiamondPlotDf Man page
asymmetricalScatterMatrix Man page
averageFishersZs Man page
averagePearsonRs Man page
basicSPSStranslationFunctions Man page
biAxisDiamondPlot Man page
cat0 Man page
CIBER Man page
cohensdCI Man page
computeEffectSize_d Man page
computeEffectSize_etasq Man page
computeEffectSize_omegasq Man page
computeEffectSize_r Man page
computeEffectSize_v Man page
computeStatistic_chisq Man page
computeStatistic_f Man page
computeStatistic_r Man page
computeStatistic_t Man page
confIntOmegaSq Man page
confIntR Man page
confIntV Man page
convert Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
convertToNumeric Man page Man page Man page Man page
cramersV Man page
createSigma Man page
crossTab Man page
curfnfinder Man page
dataShape Man page
dCohensd Man page
dd Man page
descr Man page
descriptives Man page
detectRareWords Man page
determinantStructure Man page
determinantVar Man page
detStructAddVarLabels Man page
detStructAddVarNames Man page
detStructCIBER Man page
detStructComputeProducts Man page
detStructComputeScales Man page
diamondCoordinates Man page
diamondPlot Man page
didacticPlot Man page
didacticPlotTheme Man page
dlvPlot Man page
dlvTheme Man page
domegaSq Man page
dRsq Man page
erDataSeq Man page
escapeBS Man page
escapeRegex Man page
examine Man page
examineBy Man page
exceptionalScore Man page
exceptionalScores Man page
exportToSPSS Man page
extractVarName Man page
faConfInt Man page
factorLoadingDiamondCIplot Man page
filterBy Man page
formatCI Man page
formatPvalue Man page
formatR Man page
freq Man page
frequencies Man page
Frequency Man page
fullFact Man page
getDat Man page
getData Man page
ggBarChart Man page
ggBoxplot Man page
ggDiamondLayer Man page
ggNNC Man page
ggPie Man page
ggqq Man page
hasLaTeX Man page
ifelseObj Man page
importLimeSurveyData Man page
\%IN\% Man page
invertItem Man page
invertItems Man page
iqrOutlier Man page
is.even Man page Man page
is.odd Man page
isTrue Man page
itemInspection Man page
makeScales Man page
massConvertToNumeric Man page
meanConfInt Man page
meanDiff Man page
meanDiff.multi Man page
meansDiamondPlot Man page
meanSDtoDiamondPlot Man page
mediaan Man page
modus Man page
nnc Man page
normalityAssessment Man page
noZero Man page
oddsratio Man page
oneway Man page
paginatedAsymmetricalScatterMatrix Man page
pander.associationMatrix Man page
pander.crossTab Man page
pander.dataShape Man page
pander.descr Man page
pander.examine Man page
pander.examineBy Man page
pander.freq Man page
pander.frequencies Man page
pander.meanDiff Man page
pander.normalityAssessment Man page
pander.oneway Man page
pander.regr Man page
parallelSubscales Man page
pCohensd Man page
pd Man page
pdExtreme Man page
pdInterval Man page
pdMild Man page
plot.determinantStructure Man page
pomegaSq Man page
posthocTGH Man page
powerHist Man page
prevalencePower Man page
print.associationMatrix Man page
print.asymmetricalScatterMatrix Man page
print.cohensdCI Man page
print.confIntOmegaSq Man page
print.confIntV Man page
print.CramersV Man page
print.crossTab Man page
print.dataShape Man page
print.descr Man page
print.determinantStructure Man page
print.didacticPlot Man page
print.dlvPlot Man page
print.examine Man page
print.examineBy Man page
print.freq Man page
print.frequencies Man page
print.fullFact Man page
print.meanConfInt Man page
print.meanDiff Man page
print.meanDiff.multi Man page
print.nnc Man page
print.normalityAssessment Man page
print.oddsratio Man page
print.oneway Man page
print.parallelSubscales Man page
print.posthocTGH Man page
print.powerHist Man page
print.power.htest.ufs Man page
print.processOpenSesameIAT Man page
print.processOpenSesameIAT.log Man page
print.regr Man page
print.regrInfluential Man page
print.rMatrix Man page
print.scaleDiagnosis Man page
print.scaleInspection Man page
print.scaleStructure Man page
print.scatterMatrix Man page
print.sdConfInt Man page
print.testRetestAlpha Man page
print.testRetestCES Man page
print.testRetestReliability Man page
print.therapyMonitor Man page
print.therapyMonitor.multi Man page
prob.randomizationSuccess Man page
processLSvarLabels Man page
processOpenSesameIAT Man page
pRsq Man page
pwr.cohensdCI Man page
pwr.confIntd Man page
pwr.confIntR Man page
pwr.omegasq Man page
pwr.randomizationSuccess Man page
qCohensd Man page
qd Man page
qomegaSq Man page
qRsq Man page
rawDataDiamondLayer Man page
rCohensd Man page
rd Man page
regr Man page
regrInfluential Man page
removeExceptionalValues Man page
repeatStr Man page
repStr Man page
rMatrix Man page
rnwString Man page
rnwString.generate Man page
rnwString.initiate Man page
rnwString.terminate Man page
romegaSq Man page
rRsq Man page
safeRequire Man page
samplingDistribution Man page
sanitizeLatexString Man page
scaleDiagnosis Man page
scaleDiagnosisToPDF Man page
scaleInspection Man page
scaleReliability Man page
scaleStructure Man page
scatterMatrix Man page
scatterPlot Man page
sdConfInt Man page
setCaptionNumbering Man page
setFigCapNumbering Man page
setTabCapNumbering Man page
showPearsonPower Man page
simDataSet Man page
sort.associationMatrix Man page
subdeterminantProducts Man page
subdeterminants Man page
testRetestAlpha Man page
testRetestCES Man page
testRetestReliability Man page
testRetestSimData Man page
textToWords Man page
therapyMonitor Man page
therapyMonitor.multi Man page
trim Man page
useAll Man page
userfriendlyscience Man page
userfriendlyscienceBasics Man page
userfriendlyscience-package Man page
userfriendlysciencePanderMethods Man page
userfriendlysciencePrintMethods Man page
varsToDiamondPlotDf Man page
vecTxt Man page
vecTxtQ Man page


R/regrInfluential.R R/detStructComputeProducts.R R/detectRareWords.R R/exceptionalScores.R R/convert.R R/pwr.omegasq.R R/convertToNumeric.R R/meanDiff.R R/didacticPlot.R R/therapyMonitor.multi.R R/ R/processLSvarLabels.R R/detStructCIBER.R R/pwr.confIntR.R R/dlvPlot.R R/associationMatrix.R R/testRetestAlpha.R R/userfriendlyscienceBasics.R R/setFigCapNumbering.R R/descr.R R/crossTab.R R/prob.randomizationSuccess.R R/cohensdDist.R R/simDataSet.R R/ggqq.R R/pwr.cohensdCI.R R/factorLoadingDiamondCIplot.R R/iqrOutlier.R R/fullFact.R R/freq.R R/invertItems.R R/detStructAddVarLabels.R R/scatterMatrix.R R/vecTxt.R R/testRetestReliability.R R/curfnfinder.R R/diamondPlot.R R/ggPie.R R/meansDiamondPlot.R R/confIntOmegaSq.R R/scatterPlot.R R/prevalencePower.R R/therapyMonitor.R R/scaleStructure.R R/associationsDiamondPlot.R R/ggNNC.R R/detStructComputeScales.R R/removeExceptionalValues.R R/powerHist.R R/makeScales.R R/paginatedAsymmetricalScatterMatrix.R R/rawDataDiamondLayer.R R/rnwString.R R/confIntR.R R/RsqDist.R R/invertItem.R R/examineBy.R R/basicSPSStranslationFunctions.R R/safeRequire.R R/meanSDtoDiamondPlot.R R/showPearsonPower.R R/normalityAssessment.R R/formatCI.R R/oddsratio.R R/formatPvalue.R R/faConfInt.R R/averagePearsonRs.R R/massConvertToNumeric.R R/associationsToDiamondPlotDf.R R/oneway.R R/biAxisDiamondPlot.R R/ggDiamondLayer.R R/determinantStructure.R R/ R/scaleDiagnosisToPDF.R R/exceptionalScore.R R/cohensdCI.R R/scaleInspection.R R/ggBarChart.R R/extractVarName.R R/itemInspection.R R/nnc.R R/diamondCoordinates.R R/ R/trim.R R/escapeRegex_(from_Hmisc).R R/asymmetricalScatterMatrix.R R/frequencies.R R/CIBER.R R/userfriendlyscience.R R/regr.R R/detStructAddVarNames.R R/setCaptionNumbering.R R/dataShape.R R/varsToDiamondPlotDf.R R/repeatStr.R R/pwr.randomizationSuccess.R R/sort.associationMatrix.R R/samplingDistribution.R R/posthocTGH.R R/importLimeSurveyData.R R/erDataSeq.R R/scaleDiagnosis.R R/meanConfInt.R R/omegaSqDist.R R/confIntV.R R/averageFishersZs.R R/examine.R R/setTabCapNumbering.R R/processOpenSesameIAT.R R/sdConfInt.R R/rMatrix.R R/testRetestCES.R R/createSigma.R R/meanDiff.multi.R R/ggBoxplot.R
man/regr.Rd man/randomizationSuccess.Rd man/meanDiff.Rd man/scaleDiagnosis.Rd man/iqrOutlier.Rd man/didacticPlot.Rd man/exceptionalScores.Rd man/userfriendlyscience-package.Rd man/biAxisDiamondPlot.Rd man/associationMatrix.Rd man/oneway.Rd man/isTrue.Rd man/testRetestReliability.Rd man/setCaptionNumbering.Rd man/dlvPlot.Rd man/freq.Rd man/sort.associationMatrix.Rd man/createSigma.Rd man/rMatrix.Rd man/ man/omegaSqDist.Rd man/normalityAssessment.Rd man/asymmetricalScatterMatrix.Rd man/panderMethods.Rd man/diamondPlot.Rd man/simDataSet.Rd man/processOpenSesameIAT.Rd man/extractVarName.Rd man/rnwString.Rd man/regrInfluential.Rd man/processLSvarLabels.Rd man/prevalencePower.Rd man/testRetestAlpha.Rd man/convert.Rd man/ man/meanSDtoDiamondPlot.Rd man/ggDiamondLayer.Rd man/ggqq.Rd man/associationsDiamondPlot.Rd man/importLimeSurveyData.Rd man/oddsratio.Rd man/descr.Rd man/averagePearsonRs.Rd man/therapyMonitor.Rd man/CIBER.Rd man/averageFishersZs.Rd man/escapeRegex.Rd man/meansDiamondPlot.Rd man/basicSPSStranslationFunctions.Rd man/examine.Rd man/ggBoxplot.Rd man/setFigCapNumbering.Rd man/ggBarChart.Rd man/itemInspection.Rd man/scaleStructure.Rd man/printMethods.Rd man/userfriendlyscienceBasics.Rd man/factorLoadingDiamondCIplot.Rd man/curfnfinder.Rd man/ggNNC.Rd man/removeExceptionalValues.Rd man/confIntOmegaSq.Rd man/showPearsonPower.Rd man/scaleDiagnosisToPDF.Rd man/confIntV.Rd man/invertItems.Rd man/ggPie.Rd man/determinantStructurePreprocessing.Rd man/pwr.confIntR.Rd man/exceptionalScore.Rd man/fullFact.Rd man/paginatedAsymmetricalScatterMatrix.Rd man/determinantStructure.Rd man/scatterMatrix.Rd man/scaleInspection.Rd man/scatterPlot.Rd man/formatCI.Rd man/confIntR.Rd man/testRetestSimData.Rd man/RsqDist.Rd man/testRetestCES.Rd man/cohensdDist.Rd man/detectRareWords.Rd man/pwr.omegasq.Rd man/meanDiff.multi.Rd man/powerHist.Rd man/associationMatrixHelperFunctions.Rd man/posthocTGH.Rd man/faConfInt.Rd man/nnc.Rd

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