colorPalettes: Color Values for Plots

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Color values for plots with percent waters conserved plots.


The five (5) and six (6) color palettes are to used to color-code the plots illustrating percent water conserved (water conservation). The five color palette is for conservation values between 50% to 100% and the six color palette includes a color for less than 50% conservation.

The colors are based on "percent conservation" with light grey dots indicating clusters with less than 50% conservation, dark red dots representing clusters with 50% to 69% conservations, red dots are clusters with 70% to 79% conservation, light blue dots have 80% to 89% conservation, blue dots are clusters with 90% to 99% conservation, and dark blue dots are 100% conserved water clusters (all structures contribute to the water cluster).

The defined colors are:

The defined legend titles are:

The defined break titles are:

The defined labels are:


Emilio Xavier Esposito


Cynthia A Brewer. 200x., accessed March 27, 2017.

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