Defines functions print.spv

Documented in print.spv

#' Print Method for S3 \code{spv} classes 
#' Simple print methods for S3 classes \code{spv}, \code{spvlist}, \code{spvforlist} and \code{spvlistforlist}. See 
#' \code{\link{plot.spv}} for examples.
#' @aliases print.spv print.spvlist print.spvforlist print.spvlistforlist
#' @param x Object of class \code{spv} or \code{spvlist}
#' @param \dots Unimplemented
#' @author Pieter C. Schoonees
#' @references 
#' Pieter C. Schoonees, Niel J. le Roux, Roelof L.J. Coetzer (2016). Flexible Graphical Assessment of 
#' Experimental Designs in R: The vdg Package. \emph{Journal of Statistical Software}, 74(3), 1-22. 
#' \doi{10.18637/jss.v074.i03}.
#' @export
#' @keywords print
print.spv <- function(x, ...){
  cat("\nObject of class 'spv'\n")
  cat("\nCall:\n",  paste(deparse(x$call), sep = "\n", collapse = "\n"), "\n\n", sep = "")
  cat("Sample dimensions:\n",  nrow(x$sample), " columns and ", ncol(x$sample), " rows\n\n", sep = "")
    if(as.list(x$call)$type %in% c("s", "S", "sphere")) stype <- "Spherical" 
    else stype <- "Cuboidal"
    cat("Design space type:\n", stype, "\n\n", sep = "")
  cat("Summary of", ifelse(x$unscaled, "Unscaled Prediction Variance (UPV):\n", "Scaled Prediction Variance (SPV):\n"))

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