Man pages for xgxr
Exploratory Graphics for Pharmacometrics

case1_pkpdCase 1 PKPD Data Set
edit_rmd_template_strEdit a Rmd Template from xgx
get_rmd_nameDetermine the name of a Rmd template
get_rmd_str'get_rmd_str' returns a Rmd template string, based on the...
madMultiple Ascending Dose Data Set
mad_missing_duplicatesMultiple Ascending Dose Data Set (Duplicates Removed)
mad_ncaMultiple Ascending Dose Noncompartmental Analysis (NCA)...
nlmixr_theo_sdnlmixr Theophylline SD Data Set
pipePipe operator
predictdfPrediction data frame from ggplot2 Get predictions with...
predictdf.nlsPrediction data frame for nls
predictdf.polrPrediction data frame for polr
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sadSingle Ascending Dose Data Set
StatSmoothOrdinalStat object for producing smooths through ordinal data
StatSummaryBinQuantStat ggproto object for binning by quantile for xgx_stat_ci
StatSummaryOrdinalStat ggproto object for creating ggplot layers of binned...
theme_xgxCalls the standard theme for xGx graphics
xgx_annotate_filenamesAppend filenames to bottom of the plot
xgx_annotate_statusCreate a status (e.g. DRAFT) annotation layer
xgx_annotate_status_pngAnnotate a png file or directory of png files
xgx_auto_exploreProduce an xgx-styled report the given dataset using xgx R...
xgx_breaks_log10Sets the default breaks for log10
xgx_breaks_timeSets the default breaks for a time axis
xgx_check_dataCheck data for various issues
xgx_conf_int'xgx_conf_int' returns a dataframe with mean +/- confidence...
xgx_dirs2charAppend filenames to bottom of the plot
xgx_geom_ciPlot data with mean and confidence intervals
xgx_geom_piPlot data with median and percent intervals
xgx_labels_log10Nice labels for log10.
xgx_minor_breaks_log10Sets the default minor_breaks for log10 scales
xgx_plotCreate a new xgx plot
xgx_saveSaving plot, automatically annotating the status and denoting...
xgx_save_tableSaving table as an image, also labeling the program that...
xgx_scale_x_log10log10 scales the x axis with a "pretty" set of breaks
xgx_scale_x_reverselog10Reverse-log transform for the x scale.
xgx_scale_x_time_unitsConvert time units for plotting
xgx_scale_y_log10log10 scales the y axis with a "pretty" set of breaks
xgx_scale_y_percentchangelog10percentchangelog10 transform for the y scale.
xgx_scale_y_reverselog10Reverselog transform for the y scale.
xgx_stat_ciPlot data with mean and confidence intervals
xgx_stat_piPlot data with median and percent intervals
xgx_stat_smoothWrapper for stat_smooth
xgx_summarize_covariatesSummarize Covariate information in a dataset
xgx_summarize_dataCheck data for various issues
xgx_themeCalls the standard theme for xGx graphics
xgx_theme_setSets the standard theme for xGx graphics
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