xgx_check_data: Check data for various issues

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xgx_check_dataR Documentation

Check data for various issues


xgx_check_data performs a series of checks on a PK or PKPD dataset It was inspired by the dataset preparation table from IntiQuan.


xgx_check_data(data, covariates = NULL)



the dataset to check. Must contain the above columns


the column names of covariates, to explore


The dataset must have the following columns

  • ID = unique subject identifier. USUBJID is another option if ID is not there

  • EVID = event ID: 1 for dose, 0 otherwise

  • AMT = value of the dose

  • TIME = time of the measurement

  • DV = dependent value (linear scale). will check if LIDV or LNDV are also there if DV is not

  • YTYPE = data measurement for LIDV. will check if CMT is there, if YTYPE is not

The dataset may also have additional columns

  • CENS = flag for censoring of the data because it's below the limit of quantification (BLOQ)

  • MDV = missing dependent variable - will be counted and then filtered out from the data check




covariates <- c("WEIGHTB", "SEX")
check <- xgx_check_data(mad_missing_duplicates, covariates)

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