zipfR: Statistical models for word frequency distributions

Statistical models and utilities for the analysis of word frequency distributions. The utilities include functions for loading, manipulating and visualizing word frequency data and vocabulary growth curves. The package also implements several statistical models for the distribution of word frequencies in a population. (The name of this library derives from the most famous word frequency distribution, Zipf's law.)

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AuthorStefan Evert <>, Marco Baroni <>
Date of publication2012-04-03 21:02:13
MaintainerStefan Evert <>

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Man pages

beta_gamma: Incomplete Beta and Gamma Functions (zipfR)

Brown: Brown Corpus Frequency Data (zipfR)

BrownSubsets: Brown Corpus Subset Frequency Data (zipfR)

confint_lnre: Confidence intervals for LNRE model parameters (zipfR)

Dickens: Dickens' Frequency Data (zipfR)

distribution: Type and Probability Distributions of LNRE Models (zipfR)

estimate_model: Estimate LNRE Model Parameters (zipfR)

EV_EVm: Expected Frequency Spectrum (zipfR)

EV_EVm_spc: Binomial Interpolation (zipfR)

ItaPref: Italian Ri- and Ultra- Prefix Frequency Data (zipfR)

lnre: LNRE Models (zipfR)

lnre_bootstrap: Parametric bootstrapping for LNRE models (zipfR)

lnre_fzm: The finite Zipf-Mandelbrot (fZM) LNRE Model (zipfR)

lnre_gigp: The Generalized Inverse Gauss-Poisson (GIGP) LNRE Model...

lnre_goodness_of_fit: Goodness-of-fit Evaluation of LNRE Models (zipfR)

lnre_spc: Compute Expected Frequency Spectrum of LNRE Model (zipfR)

lnre_technical_details: Technical Details of LNRE Model Objects (zipfR)

lnre_vgc: Expected Vocabulary Growth Curves of LNRE Model (zipfR)

lnre_zm: The Zipf-Mandelbrot (ZM) LNRE Model (zipfR)

N_V_Vm: Access Methods for Observed Frequency Data (zipfR)

N_V_Vm_spc: Access Methods for Frequency Spectra (zipfR)

N_V_Vm_tfl: Access Methods for Type Frequency Lists (zipfR)

N_V_Vm_vgc: Access Methods for Vocabulary Growth Curves (zipfR)

plot_spc: Plot Word Frequency Spectra (zipfR)

plot_tfl: Plot Type-Frequency List / Zipf Ranking (zipfR)

plot_vgc: Plot Vocabulary Growth Curves (zipfR)

print_lnre: Printing LNRE Models (zipfR)

print_spc: Printing Frequency Spectra (zipfR)

print_tfl: Printing Type Frequency Lists (zipfR)

print_vgc: Printing Vocabulary Growth Curves (zipfR)

read_multiple_objects: Reading Multiple Objects from Files (zipfR)

read_write_spc: Loading and Saving Frequency Spectra (zipfR)

read_write_tfl: Loading and Saving Type Frequency Lists (zipfR)

read_write_vgc: Loading and Saving Vocabulary Growth Curves (zipfR)

sample_spc: Incremental Samples from a Frequency Spectrum (zipfR)

sample_tfl: Incremental Samples from a Type Frequency List (zipfR)

spc: Frequency Spectra (zipfR)

spc2tfl: Convert Between Frequency Spectra and Type Frequency Lists...

spc_interp: Expected Frequency Spectrum by Binomial Interpolation (zipfR)

spc_vector: Create Vector of Spectrum Elements (zipfR)

tfl: Type Frequency Lists (zipfR)

Tiger: Tiger NP and PP expansions (zipfR)

vec2xxx: Type-Token Statistics for Samples and Empirical Data (zipfR)

vgc: Vocabulary Growth Curves (zipfR)

vgc_interp: Expected Vocabulary Growth by Binomial Interpolation (zipfR)

VV_VVm: Variances of the Expected Frequency Spectrum (zipfR)

zipfR_package: zipfR: lexical statistics in R

zipfR_par: Set or Query Graphics Parameters (zipfR)

zipfR_plotutils: Plotting Utilities (zipfR)


Brown Man page
Brown100k Man page
Brown100k.spc Man page
BrownAdj Man page
BrownAdj.emp.vgc Man page
BrownAdj.spc Man page
Brown.emp.vgc Man page
BrownImag Man page
BrownImag.emp.vgc Man page
BrownImag.spc Man page
BrownInform Man page
BrownInform.emp.vgc Man page
BrownInform.spc Man page
BrownNoun Man page
BrownNoun.emp.vgc Man page
BrownNoun.spc Man page
Brown.spc Man page
BrownSubsets Man page
Brown.tfl Man page
BrownVer Man page
BrownVer.emp.vgc Man page
BrownVer.spc Man page
Cbeta Man page
Cgamma Man page
confint.lnre Man page
Dickens Man page
Dickens.emp.vgc Man page
DickensGreatExpectations Man page
DickensGreatExpectations.emp.vgc Man page
DickensGreatExpectations.spc Man page
DickensOliverTwist Man page
DickensOliverTwist.emp.vgc Man page
DickensOliverTwist.spc Man page
DickensOurMutualFriend Man page
DickensOurMutualFriend.emp.vgc Man page
DickensOurMutualFriend.spc Man page
Dickens.spc Man page
dlnre Man page
estimate.model Man page
EV Man page
EVm Man page
EVm.spc Man page
EV.spc Man page
Ibeta Man page
Ibeta.inv Man page
Igamma Man page
Igamma.inv Man page
ItaPref Man page
ItaRi Man page
ItaRi.emp.vgc Man page
ItaRi.spc Man page
ItaUltra Man page
ItaUltra.emp.vgc Man page
ItaUltra.spc Man page
ldlnre Man page
lnre Man page
LNRE Man page
lnre.bootstrap Man page
lnre.details Man page
lnre.fzm Man page
lnre.gigp Man page Man page
lnre.object Man page
lnre.spc Man page
lnre.technical.details Man page
lnre.vgc Man page Man page
ltdlnre Man page
N Man page
N.spc Man page
N.tfl Man page
N.vgc Man page
plnre Man page
plot.spc Man page
plot.tfl Man page
plot.vgc Man page
print.lnre Man page
print.spc Man page
print.tfl Man page
print.vgc Man page
qlnre Man page
Rbeta Man page
Rbeta.inv Man page
read.multiple.objects Man page
read.spc Man page
read.tfl Man page
read.vgc Man page
Rgamma Man page
Rgamma.inv Man page
rlnre Man page
sample.spc Man page
sample.tfl Man page
spc Man page
spc2tfl Man page
spc.interp Man page
spc.object Man page
spc.vector Man page
summary.lnre Man page
summary.spc Man page
summary.tfl Man page
summary.vgc Man page
tdlnre Man page
tfl Man page
tfl2spc Man page
tfl.object Man page
Tiger Man page
TigerNP Man page
TigerNP.emp.vgc Man page
TigerNP.spc Man page
TigerNP.tfl Man page
TigerPP Man page
TigerPP.emp.vgc Man page
TigerPP.spc Man page
TigerPP.tfl Man page
tplnre Man page
tqlnre Man page
V Man page
vec2spc Man page
vec2tfl Man page
vec2vgc Man page
vgc Man page
vgc.interp Man page
vgc.object Man page
Vm Man page
Vm.spc Man page
Vm.tfl Man page
Vm.vgc Man page
V.spc Man page
V.tfl Man page
VV Man page
V.vgc Man page
VVm Man page
VVm.spc Man page
VVm.vgc Man page
VV.spc Man page
VV.vgc Man page
write.spc Man page
write.tfl Man page
write.vgc Man page
zipfR Man page
zipfR.begin.plot Man page
zipfR.end.plot Man page
zipfR-package Man page
zipfR.par Man page
zipfR.pick.device Man page
zipfR.plotutils Man page


R/zzz_INIT.R R/zipfR_plotutils.R R/zipfR_par.R R/write_vgc.R R/write_tfl.R R/write_spc.R R/VVm_vgc.R R/VVm_spc.R R/VVm_lnre.R R/VV_VVm.R R/VV_vgc.R R/VV_spc.R R/VV_lnre.R R/Vm_vgc.R R/Vm_tfl.R R/Vm_spc.R R/Vm_lnre.R R/vgc_interp.R R/vgc.R R/vec2vgc.R R/vec2tfl.R R/vec2spc.R R/V_vgc.R R/V_tfl.R R/V_spc.R R/V_lnre.R R/tfl2spc.R R/tfl.R R/summary_vgc.R R/summary_tfl.R R/summary_spc.R R/summary_lnre.R R/spc_vector.R R/spc_interp.R R/spc2tfl.R R/spc.R R/sample_tfl.R R/sample_spc.R R/read_vgc.R R/read_tfl.R R/read_spc.R R/read_multiple_objects.R R/print_vgc.R R/print_tfl.R R/print_spc.R R/print_lnre.R R/posterior_lnre_fzm.R R/posterior_lnre.R R/posterior.R R/plot_vgc.R R/plot_tfl.R R/plot_spc.R R/N_vgc.R R/N_V_Vm.R R/N_tfl.R R/N_spc.R R/N_lnre.R R/lnre_zm.R R/lnre_vgc.R R/lnre_spc.R R/lnre_goodness_of_fit.R R/lnre_gigp.R R/lnre_fzm.R R/lnre_cost.R R/lnre_bootstrap.R R/lnre.R R/good_turing.R R/EVm_spc.R R/EVm_lnre_zm.R R/EVm_lnre_gigp.R R/EVm_lnre_fzm.R R/EV_spc.R R/EV_lnre_zm.R R/EV_lnre_gigp.R R/EV_lnre_fzm.R R/EV_EVm_lnre.R R/EV_EVm.R R/estimate_model_lnre_zm.R R/estimate_model_lnre_fzm.R R/estimate_model.R R/distribution_lnre_zm.R R/distribution_lnre_gigp.R R/distribution_lnre_fzm.R R/distribution_lnre.R R/distribution.R R/confint_lnre.R R/beta_gamma.R R/auto_gzfile.R
man/zipfR_plotutils.Rd man/zipfR_par.Rd man/zipfR_package.Rd man/VV_VVm.Rd man/vgc_interp.Rd man/vgc.Rd man/vec2xxx.Rd man/Tiger.Rd man/tfl.Rd man/spc_vector.Rd man/spc_interp.Rd man/spc2tfl.Rd man/spc.Rd man/sample_tfl.Rd man/sample_spc.Rd man/read_write_vgc.Rd man/read_write_tfl.Rd man/read_write_spc.Rd man/read_multiple_objects.Rd man/print_vgc.Rd man/print_tfl.Rd man/print_spc.Rd man/print_lnre.Rd man/plot_vgc.Rd man/plot_tfl.Rd man/plot_spc.Rd man/N_V_Vm_vgc.Rd man/N_V_Vm_tfl.Rd man/N_V_Vm_spc.Rd man/N_V_Vm.Rd man/lnre_zm.Rd man/lnre_vgc.Rd man/lnre_technical_details.Rd man/lnre_spc.Rd man/lnre_goodness_of_fit.Rd man/lnre_gigp.Rd man/lnre_fzm.Rd man/lnre_bootstrap.Rd man/lnre.Rd man/ItaPref.Rd man/EV_EVm_spc.Rd man/EV_EVm.Rd man/estimate_model.Rd man/distribution.Rd man/Dickens.Rd man/confint_lnre.Rd man/BrownSubsets.Rd man/Brown.Rd man/beta_gamma.Rd

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