Man pages for zipfR
Statistical Models for Word Frequency Distributions

Baayen2001Frequency Spectra from Baayen (2001) (zipfR)
beta_gammaIncomplete Beta and Gamma Functions (zipfR)
bootstrap_confintEstimate Confidence Intervals from Parametric Bootstrap...
BrownBrown Corpus Frequency Data (zipfR)
BrownSubsetsBrown Corpus Subset Frequency Data (zipfR)
confint_lnreConfidence Intervals for LNRE Model Parameters (zipfR)
DickensDickens' Frequency Data (zipfR)
distributionType and Probability Distributions of LNRE Models (zipfR)
estimate_modelEstimate LNRE Model Parameters (zipfR)
EvertLuedeling2001Samples of German Word Formation Affixes (zipfR)
EV_EVmExpected Frequency Spectrum (zipfR)
EV_EVm_spcBinomial Interpolation (zipfR)
ItaPrefItalian Ri- and Ultra- Prefix Frequency Data (zipfR)
lnreLNRE Models (zipfR)
lnre_bootstrapParametric bootstrapping for LNRE models (zipfR)
lnre_fzmThe finite Zipf-Mandelbrot (fZM) LNRE Model (zipfR)
lnre_gigpThe Generalized Inverse Gauss-Poisson (GIGP) LNRE Model...
lnre_goodness_of_fitGoodness-of-fit Evaluation of LNRE Models (zipfR)
lnre_productivity_measuresMeasures of Productivity and Lexical Richness (zipfR)
lnre_spcCompute Expected Frequency Spectrum of LNRE Model (zipfR)
lnre_technical_detailsTechnical Details of LNRE Model Objects (zipfR)
lnre_vgcExpected Vocabulary Growth Curves of LNRE Model (zipfR)
lnre_zmThe Zipf-Mandelbrot (ZM) LNRE Model (zipfR)
merge_tflMerging Type Frequency Lists (zipfR)
N_V_VmAccess Methods for Observed Frequency Data (zipfR)
N_V_Vm_spcAccess Methods for Frequency Spectra (zipfR)
N_V_Vm_tflAccess Methods for Type Frequency Lists (zipfR)
N_V_Vm_vgcAccess Methods for Vocabulary Growth Curves (zipfR)
plot_lnrePlot LNRE Population Distribution (zipfR)
plot_spcPlot Word Frequency Spectra (zipfR)
plot_tflPlot Type-Frequency List / Zipf Ranking (zipfR)
plot_vgcPlot Vocabulary Growth Curves (zipfR)
posterior_distributionPosterior Distribution of LNRE Model (zipfR)
print_lnrePrinting LNRE Models (zipfR)
print_spcPrinting Frequency Spectra (zipfR)
print_tflPrinting Type Frequency Lists (zipfR)
print_vgcPrinting Vocabulary Growth Curves (zipfR)
productivity_measuresMeasures of Productivity and Lexical Richness (zipfR)
read_multiple_objectsReading Multiple Objects from Files (zipfR)
read_write_spcLoading and Saving Frequency Spectra (zipfR)
read_write_tflLoading and Saving Type Frequency Lists (zipfR)
read_write_vgcLoading and Saving Vocabulary Growth Curves (zipfR)
sample_spcIncremental Samples from a Frequency Spectrum (zipfR)
sample_tflIncremental Samples from a Type Frequency List (zipfR)
spcFrequency Spectra (zipfR)
spc2tflConvert Between Frequency Spectra and Type Frequency Lists...
spc_interpExpected Frequency Spectrum by Binomial Interpolation (zipfR)
spc_vectorCreate Vector of Spectrum Elements (zipfR)
tflType Frequency Lists (zipfR)
TigerTiger NP and PP expansions (zipfR)
vec2xxxType-Token Statistics for Samples and Empirical Data (zipfR)
vgcVocabulary Growth Curves (zipfR)
vgc_interpExpected Vocabulary Growth by Binomial Interpolation (zipfR)
VV_VVmVariances of the Expected Frequency Spectrum (zipfR)
zipfR_packagezipfR: lexical statistics in R
zipfR_parSet or Query Graphics Parameters (zipfR)
zipfR_plotutilsPlotting Utilities (zipfR)
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