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rtsetse is an R package for simulating tsetse fly populations to investigate control options.

It follows from Hat-Trick, an Excel Tsetse model.

Development by Andy South in 2014-15. You are welcome to get in touch with comments or questions.


install_github('AndySouth/rtsetse', build_vignettes=TRUE)

Code structure

The simulation has been built as a series of components that can be tested in isolation and can contribute to a maintainable and modifiable tool.

Function names in the package are preceded by rt. Functions called rt_run*() perform simulation runs.

rtsetse function | purpose ------------------------ | ------------- rt_runAspatial() | age-structured a-spatial population simulation rt_runGridTestSpread() | grid simulation, homogenous landscape, spread fro central populated cell rt_runGrid() | grid simulation, landscape set from vegetation map, population starts at carrying capacity

User interfaces can be accessed on the web at the links below and are available from a separate repository.

Shiny app link | What it does | To run locally ------------- | -------------| ------------- shinytsetse | Offer options to run aspatial and gridded models and visualise outputs | require(devtools)install_github('AndySouth/rtsetse', build_vignettes=TRUE)shiny::runGitHub('AndySouth/shinytse', subdir='shinytse7')

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