Man pages for Atan1988/alvision
reading documents using computer vision

add_rc_bboxadd row and cols to bounding box df
az_line_arealine areas calcualtion for azure
az_lines_to_dfconvert azure lines to df
az_to_cv2_boxazure lines into cv2 bounding boxes
azure_getazure get
azure_postazure post
azure_visazure vision call function
az_words_to_dfconvert azure line words to df
bbox_df_to_cconvert bbox df format to vector format
boundingRectget bounding box of contour matrix
bounds_to_dfpython bounds to df
chk_box_incheck whether bounding box is in another bounding box
crop_out_boxescrop out boxes
crop_out_boxesRcrop out boxes
crop_out_objobject detection
crt_png_from_pdfcreate png from pdf
crt_tabularconver to tabular form
extend_horizontal_linesextend lines in case lines are broken
fix_str_bankstatementfix str, bankstatement
get_chkbox_optionsget checkbox options
get_chkbox_questionsget checkbox questions
get_chkbox_wrapperget checkboxes questions, options, selections
get_chkbox_wrapperRget checkboxes questions, options, selections
get_col_rowget the column or row based on density
get_cropped_azurepost cropped image to azure
get_img_dimget cv2 image dimension
get_ocr_azureget ocr from azure
get_question_dfget tidy questions
get_text_dfget tidy text
identify_chkboxesget checkboxes
identify_chkboxes_by_partsget checkboxes by parts
identify_chkboxes_by_partsRget checkboxes by parts
identify_chkboxesRget checkboxes
Modecalculate mode
ocr_img_wrapperocr image wrapper
ocr_pdfocr a pdf file
ocr_pdfRocr a pdf file via R
ocr_pdfR_frocr a pdf file via R with multicore support
parse_coordturning bounding obj to x,y coordinates
parser_stdparser from tidy res
pdf_txt_to_az_dfpdf_txt_df to az table
pipePipe operator
post_cropped_azurepost cropped image to azure
pts_to_whconvert point coords to x,y, w, h
ptwise_chk_approxcheck whether two approx points are really close
quick_img_chkquick image chk
quick_img_chkRquick image chk
remove_colorremove non black and white color from an image to remove...
remove_colorRremove non black and white color from an image to remove...
resize_pngresize the image to meet azure criteria
sort_contourssort contours
sort_contoursRsort contours
strcture_docpython contents object to df
strcture_wordspython words object to df
tidytbl_to_rtidy result to row and column table
vec_get_cropped_azureget response from azure api, vectorized
vec_post_cropped_azurevectorized post azure
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