Man pages for Beirnaert/MetaboMeeseeks
Helper functions for metabolomics analysis

batchPeakFillingFunction to do peak filling (xcms) with restored RT values
BatchResultsMergerRestructure BatchProcessing and calculate combined results
BatchSplitRFunction to split up xcms object by catch to perform a within...
blanco.checkBlanco filter
EICsBatchPlotterGet EIC's and plot in ggplot
FeatureQualityScoreFeature Quality score
geom_cobwebCobweb plot
geom_cobweb_bg_protoHelper function for geom_cobweb
geom_cobweb_protoHelper function for geom_cobweb
getBatchStructureGet the Batch processing Structure. Necessary for merging...
getFoldChangescalculate fold changes
GroupFillCheckFilling and grouping checker
group.filterGroup Filtering
Meeseeks.NBEasy Cross-Validated Naive Bayes Binary Classification
Meeseeks.RFEasy Cross-Validated Random Forest Binary Classification
Meeseeks.SVMEasy Cross-Validated SVM Binary Classification
missing.values.checkMissing value proportion checker
mRSD.checkmRSD checker
peak.filterPeak Filtering
PLSDAwrapperFunction to split up xcms object by catch to perform a within...
QC.plots.featuresQC plots for feature data
QC.plots.peaksQC plots for peak data
rad2polar2xyHelper function for polar plotting
relevant.features.p.extendedidentify features (columns in the datamatrix) which are...
RTcorrCheckerNOT FINISHED!!!!!! Function to compare different RT...
shrink.matrixShrink matrix from multiple samples per class to 1 value per...
Std.matcherStandards Locater
theme_cobwebTheme for cobweb visualization
unStructureBatchesobtain all datasets in a single list for easy processing with...
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