Man pages for BillPetti/baseballr
Functions for acquiring and analyzing baseball data

batter_boxscoreRetrieve batter boxscore data for a single game played
batter_game_logs_fgScrape Batter Game Logs from FanGraphs
code_barrelCode whether a batted ball is a "barrel" based on a Statcast...
daily_batter_brefScrape Batter Performance Data Over a Custom Time Frame
daily_pitcher_brefScrape Pitcher Performance Data Over a Custom Time Frame
edge_codeEdge Code
edge_frequencyEdge Percentage Frequency
edge_scrapeEdge Percentage Scrape
edge_scrape_splitScrape and Calculating Edge Percentage for Splits
fg_bat_leadersScrape Batter Leaderboards from FanGraphs
fg_gutsScrape Guts!
fg_parkScrape Park Factors from
fg_park_handScrape Park Factors by Handedness from
fip_plusCalculate FIP and related metrics for any set of data
ggspraychartGenerate spray charts with ggplot2
label_statcast_imputed_dataLabel Statcast data as imputed
linear_weights_savantGenerate linear weight values for events using Baseball...
master_ncaa_team_luA data set colleges and their athletic conferences and...
ncaa_scrapeScrape NCAA baseball data (Division I, II, and III)
ncaa_season_id_luA data set of college baseball seasons
pipePipe operator
pitcher_game_logs_fgScrape Pitcher Game Logs from FanGraphs
playerid_lookupLook up Baseball Player IDs
playername_lookupLook up Baseball Player Name
process_statcast_payloadProcess Baseball Savant CSV payload
run_expectancy_codeGenerate run expectancy and related measures and variables...
run_expectancy_tableGenerate run expectancy tables from Baseball Savant data
school_id_luLookup NCAA School IDs (Division I, II, and III)
scrape_statcast_savantQuery Statcast and PITCHf/x Data for data from <URL:...
standings_on_date_brefScrape MLB Standings on a Given Date
statline_from_statcastCreate statlines that include count and rate metrics for...
team_consistencyCalculate Team-level Consistency
team_results_brefScrape Team Results
viz_gb_on_periodScrape MLB Standings on a Given Period and Visualize the...
woba_plusCalcuate wOBA and related metrics for any set of data
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