Man pages for C3c6e6/SetRank
Advanced Gene Set Enrichment Analysis

buildSetCollectionCreate a gene set collection
createCytoscapeVizMapCreate a Cytoscape visual style for one or more SetRank...
createIDConverterCreate a function to convert gene or protein IDs
createPathwayTableCreates a table of all significant pathways in different...
cytoscapeExportPrepare networks for visualization in Cytoscape
exportGeneNetsCreate gene interaction networks for all significant gene...
exportMultipleResultsExport multiple SetRank networks and accompanying tables.
exportSingleResultExport a SetRank network and accompanying tables.
fixGraphMLFix the igraph graphML export
generateContinuousMappingGenerates a continuous VizMap property mapping.
generatePMappingGenerates a visual property mapping for p-value attributes
membershipTableCreate a gene set membership table.
propertyFunctionsAttribute handlers for generating the VizMap XML
setRankAnalysisAdvanced gene set enrichment analysis.
styleXMLVizMap XML template
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