API for CityUHK-CompBio/HTSanalyzeR2
An R package for gene set enrichment and network analysis of various high-throughput data

Global functions
Biogrid_HS_Interactome Man page
Biogrid_HS_Mat Man page
GOGeneSets Man page Source code
GSCA Man page Source code
GSCA-class Man page
GSCABatch Man page Source code
GSE33113_limma Man page
GSEA_fgsea Source code
HTSanalyzeR2 Man page
HTSanalyzeR2-package Man page
HTSanalyzeR2Pipe Man page Source code
HTSanalyzeR4MAGeCK Man page Source code
KeggGeneSets Man page Source code
MSigDBGeneSets Man page Source code
NWA Man page Source code
NWA-class Man page
NWABatch Man page Source code
analyze Man page
analyze,GSCA-method Man page
analyze,NWA-method Man page
analyzeGeneSetCollections Source code
analyzeGscaTS Man page Source code
analyzeNwaTS Man page Source code
annotationConvertor Man page Source code
appendGOTerm Source code
appendGSTerms Man page
appendGSTerms,GSCA-method Man page
appendGSTermsTS Man page Source code
appendKEGGTerm Source code
appendLinks Source code
appendMSigDBTerm Source code
availableResults Source code
biogridDataDownload Source code
calcGSEA Source code
calcGScoreCPP Source code
calcHGTScore Source code
calcHyperGeo Source code
cellHTS2OutputStatTests Man page Source code
checkGSCAPara Source code
combineResults Source code
createLink Source code
createLink_GO Source code
createLink_KEGG Source code
d13 Man page
d25 Man page
d7 Man page
d7_gsca Man page
d7_nwa Man page
duplicateRemover Man page Source code
extractEnrichMap Man page
extractEnrichMap,GSCA-method Man page
extractSubNet Man page
extractSubNet,NWA-method Man page
fetchGSCASeriesValues Man page Source code
fetchNWASeriesValues Man page Source code
forceGraph Man page Source code
forceGraphOutput Source code
geneMatrix Source code
generateGSCASummary Source code
generateNWASummary Source code
getInteractome Man page
getInteractome,NWA-method Man page
getPara Man page
getPara,GSCA-method Man page
getPara,NWA-method Man page
getResult Man page
getResult,GSCA-method Man page
getResult,NWA-method Man page
getSummary Man page
getSummary,GSCA-method Man page
getSummary,NWA-method Man page
getTopGeneSets Man page
getTopGeneSets,GSCA-method Man page
gscaTS Man page
gseaPlots Source code
gseaScores Source code
interactome Man page
interactome,NWA-method Man page
interactomeNwaTS Man page Source code
makeEmptyGraph Man page Source code
makeGSEAplots Source code
namesToList Source code
networkAnalysis Source code
niceDomain Source code
norm Source code
nwaTS Man page
onAttach Source code
onLoad Source code
paraCheck Source code
plotGSEA Man page
plotGSEA,GSCA-method Man page
preprocess Man page
preprocess,GSCA-method Man page
preprocess,NWA-method Man page
preprocessGscaTS Man page Source code
preprocessNwaTS Man page Source code
renderForceGraph Source code
report Man page
report,GSCA-method Man page
report,NWA-method Man page
reportAll Man page Source code
summarize Man page
summarize,GSCA-method Man page
summarize,NWA-method Man page
updateForceGraph Source code
viewEnrichMap Man page
viewEnrichMap,GSCA-method Man page
viewGSEA Man page
viewGSEA,GSCA-method Man page
viewSubNet Man page
viewSubNet,NWA-method Man page
xn Man page
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