Man pages for Cortalak/cellID
Unbiased Extraction of Single Cell Identity using Multiple Correspondence Analysis

cellID-packageMultiple Correspondence Analysis on Single Cell for Joint...
checkCellIDArgCheck for CellID arguments
DimPlotMCSeurat DimPlot for MCA like Dimensionality Reduction
DistSortSort Gene Cell Distance Matrix
fgseaCellIDreworked fgsea for ram and speed efficiency in CellID
GetCellGeneDistanceDistance Calculation
GetCellGeneRankingRanking Extraction
GetCellGeneSetGene sets extraction from MCA
GetGeneCellCoordinatesGet coordinates of both cells and features in a matrix
GetGroupCoordinatesCentroids calculation for a given group
GetGroupGeneDistanceDistance calculation between genes and group
GetGroupGeneRankingGene Specificity Ranking Calculation
GetGroupGeneSetExtract cluster/group gene sets from MCA
GetGSEAMatrixGet Matrix from Enrichment Results
GO_biologicalBiological Process GO Terms
HallmarkHallmark Pathways from MSigDB
HgProteinCodingGenesHomo Sapiens Protein Coding Genes
integrateGSEASeuratGSEA Results Integration in Seurat object
MgProteinCodingGenesMus Musculus Protein Coding Genes
pairDistDistance Calculation with rdist
plotReducedDimMCScater plotReducedDim for MCA like dimensionality Reduction
RunCellGSEARun Gene Set Enrichment Analysis on cells
RunCellHGTRun HyperGeometric Test on cells
RunGroupGSEARun GSEA on cluster/groups
RunMCARun Multiple Correspondence Analysis
RunMCDMAPRun DiffusionMap on MCA cell and feature coordinates
RunMCTSNERun TSNE on MCA fetures and cells coordinates
RunMCUMAPRun UMAP on MCA fetures and cells coordinates
seuratPbmcSeurat object of 400 PBMC cells
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