Man pages for ErasmusOIC/SMoLR
Single Molecule Localization Microscopy visualization and analysis in R

dynamicplotDynamic Shiny plot for SMoLR
GAUSS_FUNCTIONMake a 1D or 2D gauss curve
IJROI_subsetImageJ ROI subset localizations file
plot.smolr_imagePLOT of SMOLR objects
rotate3dRotate 3D
rotate_coordRotate Cartesian coordinates
singlemoleculer-packageSMoLR package overview
SMOLRSingle Molecule Localization Gaussian Image Reconstruction
smolrdataTest data for single moleculer
SMOLR_DBSCANAnalysis of SMOLR localization data by DBSCAN clustering,...
SMOLR_FEATURESGet feature analysis from kernel density estimation...
SMOLR_IMPORTImport Single Molecule Localization Data into R
SMOLR_KDE2D kernel density estimation from a single molecule dataset
SMOLR_PARAMETERGet parameters from a single molecule dataset
SMOLR_PLOTPlots single molecule datasets in a scatter plot
SMOLR_TO_PPPConvert localizations to point pattern for spatstat package
thinImageSkeletonize/thin an binary image
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