#' Extracts the length of a tip from a tree
#' \code{tiplength} returns the length of a tip of a tree, given either (a) the tip name or
#' (b) the index of the tip (in the order of the tip labels in the tree).
#' @param tree a phylogenetic tree (as a \code{phylo} object)
#' @param tipname the tip name, as a character string, or a numeric index
#' @return The tip length (as a \code{double}).
#' @author Simon Frost (\email{[email protected]@gmail.com})
#' @export
tiplength <- function(tree,tipname){
    idx <- match(tipname,tree$tip.label)
    idx <- tipname
  idx2 <- match(idx,tree$edge[,2])
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