Man pages for Jorisvansteenbrugge/TcT
Trait-based Comparative Transcriptomics

Calc_Z_scoresCalculate Z scores of individual background distributions
Create.Rank.ColumnsAdd a ranking collumn for each sample that holds the negative...
FilterRemove data rows that have a stdev of zero.
Get_annotation_presence_absenceCalculate which KO is present for each Bin
Get_matrix_featuresAutomatically identify features based on column names
helloHello, World!
Individual-Random-Background-distributionsIndividual Random Background distributions
NormalizationNormalize RNAseq data
Pre_process_inputPre-processing of RNAseq data
Random.Annotated.Genes.bkgdBackground distribution of any two random genes with an...
Random.Genes.bkgdBackground distribution of any two random genes in two random...
Random.Identical.Annotated.Genes.bkgdBackground distribution of two random random genes with the...
rcpp_helloHello, Rcpp!
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