# This r script is for part that reads file names from the key board.
# first, run the whole script and make sure function read_file is in the global environment.
# second, type file = read_file() in the console.
# It is expected to see "enter the file name please: " in the console
# type the file name without quotation marks after the colon, in the console.
# if the file name is correct, then now file is a variable that content the data set that you
# want to import.  Just type file in the console and you can see your whole data set printed
# in the console. ( Not recommended for large data set, your console will explode ---- No, it
# won't, I am just kidding, R studio is strong.)
# if the file name is not correct, you are supposed to be able to input the name again.
# if you want to quit the function, just press esc key at the left top corner.

  ## asign the text input into variable name, in other words, name is a variables that contains
  ## a string which represents a file name.
  name = readline(prompt = "Enter the input filename: ")

  ## use a boolean to tell if the file name exist or not.
  ## function file.exists(argument =name of the file) is a function to test if the file exists
  ## in the current directory

  ## construct a while loop to allow user try again and again if their first try failed.

    print("Seems like the file is not in the current directory, please try again!")
    print("If you want to quit the function, press key esc")

    # similar procedure as above.
    name1 = readline(prompt = "Enter the file name again please: ")

  file = file(name , "r")
  firstline = readLines(file, n = 1)
  # split the string with space as an separation
  firstline= strsplit(firstline, split = " ")[[1]]
  firstline = firstline[which(firstline!="")]
  # assertion: check if 5 items; check if intergers hold
    stop("Error: first line fails to have exactly five items.")
  # extract the number of the column
  NC = as.numeric(firstline[1])
  # extract the name of the column
  IC = firstline[2]
  # extract the number of the row
  NR = as.numeric(firstline[3])
  if(NC%%1!=0| NR%%1!=0){
    stop("First line fails to contain integer value for number of rows or columns.")
  # extract the name of the row
  IR = firstline[4]
  # extract the title of the dataset
  ID = firstline[5]
  # read the data into a vector
  data_vector = scan(file = name, skip = 1)
  #construct a matrix using the vector
  D = matrix(data_vector, nrow = NR, ncol = NC, byrow = TRUE)
  attr = list(NC = NC, IC = IC, NR = NR, IR=IR, ID = ID)
  line = paste(ID,"pca7.txt", sep = "")
  write(line, file = line)
  return(list(attr=attr, D=D, name = line))
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