Man pages for MalgorzataOles/BloodCancerMultiOmics2017
"Drug-perturbation-based stratification of blood cancer" by Dietrich S, Oles M, Lu J et al. - experimental data and complete analysis

addNriskAdd number-at-risk annotations to a plot
col2hexConverts color names with alpha to hex
data-conctabConcentrations of drugs used in the drug screen
data-cytokineViabResponse of CLL to exposure to cytokines
data-day23repCell viability data for 3 replicated samples
data-ddsGene expression data
data-drparCell viability data from the high-throughput drug screen
data-drugsMeta data of the compounds
data-exprTreatGene expression before and after drug treatment
data-lpdAllAn assembly of drug viability data, methylation clusters,...
data-methDataDNA methylation data
data-mutCOMGenetic information of patient samples
data-patmetaMeta data of the patient samples
data-validateExpData of the validation drug sensitivity screen using five...
deckeltreshold an array from below and above
defineResponseGroupsdivides patients into response groups: BTK, MEK, mTOR,...
exp10divAxis labels for p-values
giveDrugLabelConvert extended drug IDs to drug names
log10divlog10 with sign
meltWholeDFWide format to long format data conversion
moroundRound numbers to the ceiling of a given base
nriskGet number-at-risk from a survfit object
percentAxisScaleFraction to percent converter
pheatmapwhA modification of 'pheatmap' from the pheatmap package by...
safeMatchsafe version of the match function that throws an error if...
scientific_10log10 scale labels in ggplot2
smunlistUnlist with name preservation
stripConcConvert extended drug IDs to drug names
survplotDraw augmented K-M survival curves
toCapsCapitalize first character
whichInGrobReturn indices of layers of interest from the grob object
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