Man pages for MarioniLab/DropletUtils
Utilities for Handling Single-Cell Droplet Data

ambientContribMaximumAmbient contribution by maximum scaling
ambientContribNegativeAmbient contribution from negative controls
ambientContribSparseAmbient contribution by assuming sparsity
ambientProfileBimodalAmbient profile from bimodality
ambientProfileEmptyEstimate the ambient profile from empty droplets
barcodeRanksCalculate barcode ranks
chimericDropsRemove chimeric molecules
cleanTagCountsClean a tag-based dataset
defaultDropsCall cells from their total number of UMIs
downsampleReadsDownsample reads in a 10X Genomics dataset
emptyDropsIdentify empty droplets
emptyDropsCellRangerCellRanger's emptyDrops variant
encodeSequencesEncode nucleotide sequences
get10xMolInfoStatsGet 10x cell statistics
hashedDropsDemultiplex cell hashing data
makeCountMatrixMake a count matrix
read10xCountsLoad data from a 10X Genomics experiment
read10xMolInfoRead the 10X molecule information file
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
removeAmbienceRemove the ambient profile
swappedDropsClean barcode-swapped droplet data
write10xCountsWrite count data in the 10x format
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