Man pages for MyersGroup/MotifFinder
A Bayesian, De Novo, Joint Motif Finder

cfmConfusion Matrix
download_PWMDownload PWM from Jaspar or Hocomoco
export_FASTAExport character vector to file in FASTA format
export_PWMExport Position-Weight Matrix to file
extract_matchesExtract Motif Matches
findamotifFind the single most enriched motif in a set of DNA sequences
getmotifsJointly call and refine a set of seed motifs provided by the...
get_PWMCalculate Position-Weight Matrix
load_sequencesLoad DNA sequences from a FASTA file
mask_motifMask occurrences of motif
pcm2pwmConvert PCM to PWM
plot_motif_locationPlot location of motifs in input sequences
plot_tomtom_matchPlot Sequence logo denovo motif vs Tomtom match
pwm2textConvert PWM matrix to text (character string)
read_memeRead Meme format Position-Weight Matrix to file
simulate_sequencesSimulate DNA sequences with an enriched motif
spark_barDraw a sparkline bar graph with unicode block characters
submotifCheck if a motif is present within another motif
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