Man pages for PMBio/Rslalom
Factorial Latent Variable Modeling of Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data

addResultsToSingleCellExperimentAdd results to SingleCellExperiment object
initSlalomInitialize a SlalomModel object
mescA single-cell expression dataset to demonstrate capabilities...
newSlalomModelCreate a new SlalomModel object.
plotLoadingsPlot highest loadings of a factor
plotRelevancePlot results of a Slalom model
plotTermsPlot relevance for all terms
Rcpp_SlalomModelThe "Slalom Model" (Rcpp_SlalomModel) class
slalomFactorial single-cell latent variable models
SlalomModelSlalomModel C++ class
topTermsShow results of a Slalom model
trainSlalomTrain a SlalomModel object
updateSlalomUpdate a SlalomModel object
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